Andrew Compton Search Resumes Again Today

Andrew Compton’s body still hasn’t been located. Saturday marked the fifth day of searching a Southern Indiana landfill. I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say I can’t wait for this to come to an end so the public can learn the details of what really happened. [FOX 41]

Compton’s brother wrote on his website Saturday that we shouldn’t believe everything the media tells us, expressing frustration. I know I speak for everyone when I saw our thoughts are with the Compton Family. [Andrew Compton is Missing]

Where are WHAS11 teevee folks from 1980 at today? This flashback is sure to give you laughs. [WHAS11]

Paoli’s town square burned down. What a horrible sight to see. [WAVE3]

Will anything ever change with Passport? With the University of Louisville officials controlling the board have to answer for their lack of oversight? Will Larry Cook’s behavior with our tax dollars become the new standard for screwing the poor over? At least one newspaper in Kentucky takes this seriously. [H-L]

Jackie Green apparently thinks he’s still running for mayor. He sent out an email blast on Saturday complaining about TARC’s new development plans. [Now He’s Irrelevant?]

The Lexington Art League does does for domestic violence victims and healing. Anything similar like this going on in Louisville? [Page One]

Here’s hoping John Boel’s inpatient treatment at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility is going well. [FatLip]

The Louisville Zoo is hosting Santa’s Safari on December 11 & 12 and 18 & 19. Kids get a scary photo with Santa and families get to visit ten safari stations to interact with animals and educators. [Louisville Zoo]

Millionaire college presidents are definitely on the rise. And not just at Kentucky’s top two state schools. [WaPo]

2 thoughts on “Andrew Compton Search Resumes Again Today

  1. I’ve always wondered what these people that draw multiple-million dollar salaries do that people drawing multiple-tens/hundreds-of-thousand dollar salaries can’t.

  2. “We Pay for More Than We Get”

    On the crazily high salaries for university presidents, note that there is no necessary relationship between the college’s quality and the pay it give is lead honchos. Earning more than $500,000 at Stevenson U. and McDaniel College? Relatively few outside of MD ever heard of the places. Now, don’t we feel better about the outlandish salaries we throw upon JR and Todd? Most people have heard of UofL and UK basketball, at least.

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