A Thanksgiving Gabe Bullard Caption Contest

It’s a very special Thanksgiving Gabe Bullard Caption Contest time!

Here you go:


Please make it hilarious and as family-friendly as possible, as we are respectable pseudo adults here on this website.

Mr. WFPL is well-known for assaulting people with the radio wand. Very few are aware, however, that he is this fancy Kanye guy who sings that “Monster” song during Thanksgiving dinner.

18 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Gabe Bullard Caption Contest

  1. Gabe “Ralphie” Bullard winner of the 2010 You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out tournament proudly wears the trophy that he won at this year’s contest.

  2. you mean like”Through the fire, to the limit, to the wall, for a chance to be with you, I’d gladly risk it all… Through the fire, through whatever come what may, for a chance at loving you, I’d take it all away. Right down through the wire, even through the fire”

  3. On the eve of his planet’s destruction, a scientist sends his son to Earth, where the baby is found and adopted by the Bullards, who name him Gabe. The boy soon learns that he has powers that other humans do not possess and determines that he will use them for good. Gabe grows up and moves to Louisville, where he works at WFPL and is well-known for assaulting the bad people with the radio wand his father sent with him.

  4. “I could have fed at least 50,000 people on Thanksgiving with $300,000, but I’d rather buy this stupid bird necklace”.

  5. so im finishing a bowl of spinxz-o’s and you wouldnt believe the prize in the bottom of the box.
    Side note: it does open some portal in the bathroom when i where it and practice my disco dancing.

  6. I’m a rising star …..
    with my Scimitar and caviar.

    Sphinxin’ all the freaks in my pyramid hut ….
    sarcophagus, esophagus….
    I’m never in a rut.

  7. Pssst…want to buy an Ank? I have a Ra here too, barely used at all. Only worshiped by an old Egyptian woamn thousands of years ago. Make you a deal!

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