You Read That Hypocritical Hit Piece Last Night?

If you haven’t seen last night’s story about the disgusting new low set by the Courier-Journal, you should take time to read it this morning. It’s obscene. I know reporters who would quit their job before being forced to push that mess out. I want my city’s newspaper to be good because it has resources and influence. But this is shameful. [The ‘Ville Voice

Like scary Louisville history? You probably need to win this book from me. [Enter Today]

The Louisville Artisans Guild is hosting a holiday showcase. [Consuming Louisville]

Rand Paul leads Jack Conway by ten thousand million points in the latest SurveyUSA poll. [Page One]

Look, even if Karen Sypher were innocent? I’d still hope she got locked up. Cause the more I have to hear about these crazy ass conspiracies of hers, the more I die a little inside. Filing a child abuse report against her ex-husband and Rick Pitino. Wow. If I had kids? I wouldn’t let them play with her kids. [FatLip]

Racist New Albany cop – who gives a bad name to is colleagues, sadly, 99.99% of whom are terrific – gets a 40-day suspension. [FOX 41]

If you haven’t been following our statewide side, here’s a look at the Kentucky Democratic Party’s embarrassingly awful ad about the curbstomp situation in the U.S. Senate race. [Joe Arnold]

Home of the Innocents opened its five new buildings on East Market. [WAVE3]

Greg Fischer says he’ll be at tonight’s Fat Friday shindig. So be sure to ask him about his traffic accident. About his son’s marijuana arrest. Why his campaign staff spends countless hours trashing innocent people. Why he hasn’t condemned the C-J’s hit piece. Why he hasn’t released the remaining 100 names of advisers. Maybe also ask why he’s lying about the damn ice machine – still. [Twitter]

10 thoughts on “You Read That Hypocritical Hit Piece Last Night?

  1. He’s going to the Manual v Male game? I am confident in saying that his son is one of the students banned from Male’s campus after the “prank” which involved the burglary…

  2. I am so outraged about the CJ story on Hal Heiner;s first wife that I am seeing red, purple, green, blue, etc… If we wanted a tabloid in town some entrepreneur would start one. I suggest that for All Souls’ Day, November 2, we hold a funeral for the Courier Journal and Louisville Times and bury the casket with solemn ceremonies. They are dead. RIP

  3. Is the C-J trying to increase Heiner’s lead on purpose?

    Are they channelling Conway’s campaign manager?

    Just who are they thinking will change their vote to Fischer because of this?

  4. Hah. Typing a response in a blog that just reads “who cares.”

    Are you one of those guys who registers to vote in on-line polls, just to select “Don’t know”?

  5. This is a hoot, guys. I responded to the CJ article earlier this morning on the CJ–when I logged back in 10 minutes ago, I had 6 recommended; when I finished looking at the reponses in the paper and checked back on my response, I had 2 recommended. Monkey business!!!! BTW, I blog on CJ under a different name.

    I had two responses and only checked one. CJ not guilty in this instance.

  7. No, I vote. But as a voter I could care less about crap like this. It’s just sensationalism for the purpose of titillation.
    So, as I do with any false story on Fox news, I say “who cares”
    Fuck you if you don’t like it “Earl”

  8. This isn’t really about whether or not it influences voters but about the journalistic integrity, hypocrisy and cronyism at hand.

  9. …dismissive of other people’s thoughts and downright nasty if they notice.

    Somebody could use a hug – and a Dale Carnegie book.

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