Yates & Hawkins Met For Debate, Childish Tirade

David Yates met Doug Protecting Our White Women Hawkins (who thinks he’s running against Jerry Abramson) last week for for a debate hosted by The League of Women Voters.

After Doug Hawkins sat down from teabagging David Yates in the face, he continued to yell and whine like the child he is, constantly interrupting.

Here are the highlights of that behavior:

My favorite moment was when Hawkins refused to look at Yates when shaking his hand at the end of the debate.

And for all of you naysayers who are pissed that I’m not discussing the topics of conversation at the debate: south end development and business, MSD, discretionary funds, urban services district, etc. Hawkins poo-pooed everything and Yates seemed interested in everything.

15 thoughts on “Yates & Hawkins Met For Debate, Childish Tirade

  1. One telling moment was when Hawkins said he knew nothing about the proposed New Cut Road Corridor study. All council members from that area should have known about that. It’s been discussed for _years_.

    What’s more, when briefly discussing this idea he had never heard of, he blew it off and declared it a waste of government funds. The problem is, this study was about figuring out how to make this corridor more economically viable, and more welcome to the private enterprise that Hawkins likely would favor.

    In short, what’s wrong with this guy, and why is he so disinterested in delivering anything for his district?

  2. The moderator explained to him what the study encompassed and he disparaged all studies – not just that one.

    Yates explained that it was necessary so businesses that want to see real numbers could be recruited to the area.

  3. All true, Jake. But since I live in his district (and grew up and have lived in the area for a lot of my life), I feel especially insulted that he would lump this necessary study with studies in general, when he should have known about this particular study all along.

  4. Regardless of the merits of what it being said, it is difficult to watch such boorish, rude behavior on the part of Mr. Hawkins.

  5. Hawkins is the ultimate bully. His first campaign was won by robo-calling voters the day of the election, accusing his opponent of being “funded by militant lesbians”.

    This year’s campaign is no different. Robo calls, unethical emails, putting his signs in the yards of vacant homes and all over the right-of-way…only this time the outcome will change, and we will be rid of this embarrassment forever.

  6. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot more of David Yates in the years to come.

    I’m predicting Kentucky Senator in 2034.

  7. Yates is a pansy…he just wants to lambaste Doug … he doesn’t know what he is getting into at all…Doug is the hardest working politician in the whole county and maybe even the state….screw Yates and all his lies…if he does win it will only be b/c he resorted to telling lies about an honest man…very sad…

  8. Really, Brewer? A pansy? How so? I’d love to know.

    Lambastes Dougie? When? Where? I didn’t see him excoriate Doug once during the debate. Never even interrupted him.

    What lies has David Yates told? Be specific.

    You don’t get to use spin here.

  9. How come I can’t use spin? David does….this isn’t O’reilly…When Doug says he has had no absences I believe him…David is trying to say Doug hasn’t been to every vote and that he doesn’t care about the constituents…this simply isn’t true…

    When David speaks everything about him says “I am lying” …

    I could go on and on….look into the facts…they speak for themselves…don’t be blinded by the lies of sweet talking attorney’s that ooze with arrogance…

  10. Because I say so. I own this website.

    Prove to me where David has used spin. I saw the figures he quoted – Doug has NOT been there and cast every vote. But when he has, it’s usually a no vote – no matter what.

    No, YOU provide facts in your comments. Do so. We’re waiting for you to prove everything you’ve said.

  11. Since Brewer can’t actually back up his facts. I’ll shed a little light on the subject.
    1. The council minutes are available to anyone who wants them from the Council clerks office, as well as, votes taken are listed on the C-J database. Very easy to look up. Doug has reported for all full council meetings, but has opted many times to simply vote on a single issue and be absent for all remaining votes. 7/10 and 8/26 being most recent occurences, not to mention the 98 committee meetings he has been absent from. No spin, just record.

    2.Doug has used his robo-caller to tout that David is being supported by “militant lesbians” and David called him out about his robo-lies. My question is whether or not he uses his council office money to pay for that thing? He uses it for both official and political purposes. My other question is what the hell is a “militant lesbian”?

    3.If Doug really cared about his constituents he
    would actually work and lobby his fellow councillors for the support, as supposed to always voting “NO” because there isn’t any accountability. I have yet to see him offer amendments to force that accountability.

    No spin. Just facts.

  12. Anyone can show up on vote night,and have a decent attendance record,but the real work is done in the sub-committees where he has a very,very,poor attendance record.And to Mr.Brewer, 80% of David’s law career has been in the capacity of a PROSECUTOR,& CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW.Anytime you want to hear a lie ,just listen to a Hawkins robo-call message,which tells it’s 1st lie to your caller ID when it tells you at the beginning that the call ios from a Private Caller!Why must he resort to such hypocracy?Because he could,nt get elected if he told the truth,and his robocall message would’nt even be awnsered if he stated on your caller ID who is calling!

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