Why I Don’t Believe Fischer’s Transparency Talk

In December 2007, Greg Fischer said he didn’t believe in attacking people behind their backs. So why does he allow his campaign staff to rip people apart 24/7?

In March 2008, Fischer complained about big money driving campaigns, creating undue influence. He said he wanted to do something about it. But here he is in 2010 taking big money from big folks, falling right into line with undue influence.

Later that same month, Fischer attacked the horse industry twice. But now he wants to serve has mayor of one of the most horsey cities on the planet?

In May 2008, John Yarmuth, Jack Conway, Crit Luallen and Daniel Mongiardo pressed Fischer to stop with negative, dishonest campaign ads. But he kept them up. After complaining about negative campaigning, of course. And he’s already engaging in negative campaigning this year. Will he hit the airwaves with attack ads?

Greg’s been on this four-year kick talking about how he’s an open book. But back in 2008 he was filing his personal financial disclosure late with no explanation and refused to talk about why he headquartered his business in Indiana– now he’s pretending to put it up for sale, meaning it was bad to begin with, we guess?

He repeatedly attacked Bruce Lunsford for being big business, but was personally invested in the very businesses owned by Lunsford. He left countless questions related to his own poor business practices unanswered. And ran in the other direction when called out for having a major financial in Big Pharma, after pretending to campaign against the industry.

He’s still not being 100% open on the campaign finance front, as he’s gone out of his way to slow down public access to his required reports to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

Some open book he is.

P.S. Before deciding to run for the U.S. Senate, only 15% of Fischer’s contributions were to Democrats. After deciding to run, of course, it was a different story. But he’s still talking about special interests trying to buy influence. What? I’m bringing this up because so many of his supporters claim he’s a loyal, strong Democrat. And that’s just not based in reality.

9 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Believe Fischer’s Transparency Talk

  1. I see where the CJ has once again reposted the incorrect subject heading about Lisa Moxley endorsing Fisher. It is in the article from Oct 3rd, “Mayoral candidates’ speeches fall on few ears at western Louisville voter rally”.

  2. There is no indication that either Fischer or Heiner is clearly winning at this point. The last poll conducted by the C-J was proven to be skewed, even if inadvertently. I think this is 2-3 point race.

  3. To correct you: The C-J hasn’t conducted any polling.

    SurveyUSA has conducted polling – traditionally for WHAS11 – for both the paper and the state, however.

    Greg Fischer is ahead in nearly all polling – even Heiner’s internals have him ahead.

  4. SO funny…..at a recent forum Fischer said he would be considered a Republican in any other state. Ha!!!! It’s like he’s a chameleon.

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