We’re All Experiencing Some Debate Overload

Anyone see Doug Hawkins melt down last night while getting his non-white-fearing butt handed to him by David Yates last night? [Just Wondering/Can’t Wait For Video]

This is how Todd Lally views John Yarmuth and Barack Obama. [Marc Murphy]

While the teabaggers don’t control the mayoral race, it’s silly to suggest they play no role. They’ll definitely play a role in crazy ass Dan Seum and Dougie Protectin Our White Women Hawkins winning. [WFPL]

Seems everybody in the local press is on to Greg Fischer’s mudslinging campaign tactics. Woopsiedaisy. [FatLip]

This morning at 10:00 A.M., Congressman John Yarmuth will be joined by the Fraternal Order of Police at Swiss Hall to announce an endorsement. [Press Release]

Wasn’t it cute watching Todd Lally last night? He didn’t understand Medicare Advantage. Said he didn’t want to trample on straight troops’ rights. Insinuated there were so many military suicides because there are gays in the military. Tons of fun stuff. His case of gay panic is way worse than Daniel Mongiardo’s.  Yarmuth & Lally debate again tonight at UofL. [KET Is Great]

Folks aren’t happy with Jackie Green being excluded from the mayoral debate at UofL. [Facebook]

A 7th grader at Westport Middle School got tased. I repeat, a 7th grader at Westport Middle School got tased. [FOX41]

Check out highlights from last night’s U.S. Senate debate. Lots of moments when Rand Paul got flustered and Jack surprisingly only flubbing up a few times. [WAVE3]

Need to read something jacked up this morning? A woman escaped an apartment after five days of torture. [WHAS11]

5 thoughts on “We’re All Experiencing Some Debate Overload

  1. Lally just isn’t anywhere near ready for office and Yarmuth showed he’s about as informed/good for Louisville as we could hope for.

  2. Yes, I saw the Hawkins/Yates debate last night. I was so proud of David for standing up for our daughters’ future. Looking forward to the video so that everyone can see the clear choice in this election.

  3. As a resident of District 25, I too want to see that video. I lament that I wasn’t able to attend the debate.

    Under normal conditions, a Yates victory would seem like a slam-dunk, as Hawkins really has failed to deliver while in the 13th district next door, all kinds of positive improvements are happening.

    Perhaps Yates’ slogan should be: “Ready for Representation?”

  4. This excluding Jackie stuff has to stop or we are going to have to call in Jimmy Carter like when they need fair elections in the 3rd world.

    And we all know who has the most to benefit from his exclusion, by not stopping it, he’s playing the system. Kinda like he plans to if he wins, I’m sure.

  5. Metro TV will be replaying the event on Saturday night at 9 p.m. and periodically thru to the election.
    David did an incredible job of calling Doug out on his continued hypocrisy and Doug was visibly disturbed by it.
    Doug proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not the person the Southend needs to represent us by acting like a child trying to garner attention while the adults in the room are talking. Disgraceful.

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