This Really Is Political Hell Week In Kentucky

All the ash and soot that flooded the city over the weekend was terrific, right? [WHAS11]

The Quinn Chapel Church at 9th & Chestnut is losing bricks. Some kind-hearted individual should go save it. [Broken Sidewalk]

The Enquirer endorsed Rand Paul for the U.S. Senate. Jack Conway scored the earth-shattering (ha) endorsement of A Kentucky Newspaper. [More Enquirer]

Local author Terry Holland has a new book out – Chicago Shiver. [Amazon]

Karen Sypher, of Rick Pitino sexytime fame, told a federal judge that she’s got new evidence to prove her innocence. [FOX41]

Two new vegetarian joints on Bardstown Road? Sounds carbtastic. [Consuming Louisville]

If you missed it on Friday, Jack Conway freaked out on a CNN reporter. His demoted spokesperson, Allison Haley, can also be heard queening out. [Page One]

Looks like Lexington is finally catching up to Louisville when it comes to crazy, stab-filled bar fights that leave a dozen injured. [H-L]

John Yarmuth and Todd Lally met for yet another debate. Lally is still pretending the polls are wrong. [WAVE3 & FOX41]

The NRSC filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission against WHAS11. [Ryan Alessi]

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