SurveyUSA: Yarmuth Leads Lally By 4 Points

The latest SurveyUSA data are out:

  • John Yarmuth 50
  • Todd Lally 46
  • Ed Martin 1
  • Other Guy
  • Undecided 1 (wtf?)

MOE is 4.1

Joe Arnold as all the details.

Ryan Alessi says Yarmuth leads by a million points and SUSA says four. So which is it? Definitely somewhere in the middle. Seems like A Kentucky Newspaper has tainted SUSA’s accuracy. I’m kidding. But maybe I’m not.

3 thoughts on “SurveyUSA: Yarmuth Leads Lally By 4 Points

  1. I agree definitely somewhere in the middle.
    That said, I have seen relatively few Yarmuth! signs and bumper stickers. Far fewer than the last two races against Anne Northup. Could that be a “sign” that the election will be closer than some think?

  2. I’ve never put too much stock in who has yard signs and bumper stickers playing in to how an election will turn out. Yarmuth will win because he is incredibly smart, well-informed on the issues and above all, he is a REASONABLE person, a huge rarity in this election season.

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