SurveyUSA Heiner Leads Fischer 51 To 44

The latest SurveyUSA poll is out and here it is:

  • Greg Fischer 44
  • Hal Heiner 51
  • Undecided 4

This is the first time a mayoral candidate has broken 50%.

And the weighting of this poll is much closer to reality.

UPDATE: Fischer just sent out an email blast claiming the race is a dead heat. He was claiming a commanding lead and borderline victory just day ago.

UPDATE @ 7:37 A.M. the next day: CLICK HERE for the SurveyUSA crosstabs from last night’s poll.

25 thoughts on “SurveyUSA Heiner Leads Fischer 51 To 44

  1. This the way to do it: one vote at a time, forget about the tearful sighs…the old guard does not always win, especially if those with the real interests of the community at heart keep going. You go, Hal!

  2. The bridge issue and all it represents in the power dynamic of Louisville is the swing issue that caused this reversal.

  3. This is certainly encouraging news, but the last thing any of us who support Mr. Heiner is to rest on our laurels. Keep working the vote, and don’t stop until 6:00pm Tuesday.

    Heiner is the choice for Louisville’s future!

  4. I don’t think anything’s really changed. Just a number of dems & pubs that more accurately represents Louisville than a few previous polls.

  5. I just watched the WHAS news and was Thrilled to see that Hal is starting to really show the support in the polls that is there! All that Hocus-Pocus Spin the Fischer camp puts out is a bunch of Baloney. Fischer should be charged for the Green deal just like Abramson should be for the underhanded deals he’s committed.
    I bet the victory Margin will be a HUGE landslide in Hals Favor in the end results!….That enthusiasm factor is a lot bigger then everyone thinks.
    I think Target has a sale on luggage this week, All the old Hacks and Crooks in the Jerry Camp better get over there and prepare to get their BAGS Packed!…Hal will be a refreshing benefit to this Community, we may just get some Governing without all the self serving Larceny….Good Luck Hal!….A VOTE for HAl is the only HOPE this City has…..VOTE HEINER!
    Can’t wait to see the Courier-Journal minimize this Poll in Fischers behalf??

  6. Why isn’t Greg Fischer able to own up to the fact that he is behind in a very important well respected poll and misleading (lying) to people that he is in a dead heat….Disappointing. Makes me look even closer at Hal.

  7. Well, even if it’s not really a change, it’s good to know that the poll better reflects the electorate, and this is certainly a confidence boost for those of us progressives trying to make the case for Hal.

  8. I just learned that when Hal’s staff contacted Hal in his car while he was driving to break the news to him that the WHAS/Bluegrass Poll had him 7 points ahead, Hal got so excited he missed his exit.

    Hal has shown pure excitement throughout the campaign. To those who know him its real and its genuine Hal. Now others are learning about Hal as the race gets close to the wire and Surprise, Surprise people in Louisville are catching Hal’s enthusiasm. This is a great day in Louisville’s history. Now all you volunteers, back to work we have an election to win.

  9. Remember when Fischer joked two weeks ago that it’s “only a technicality” that he’s not mayor already. Yeah, that’s why I’m watching the Secretariat trailer over and over right now.

  10. I’ll be, maybe the people of Metro Louisville are listening to the candidates and not their TV ads.

    People power, it’s the American way.

  11. Check and see how far down the news list the CJ has put the poll, within ten minutes it was already third! Guess where it will be tomorrow morning–either way below the fold or in metro section. What a bunch of turkeys!

  12. Amazing, this news is maybe the biggest of the political season yet if you go to A Kentucky Newspaper’s website – it is no where to be found! Stunning!

  13. I agree this is good for Heiner. But, from what I am hearing is that this poll has awakened democrats and it may have had the affect of energizing them. At least, that is what I have heard tonight in the highlands.

  14. The highlands, which normally votes enmasse will NOT be the dynamic that swings this election in either direction. It will most likely be the southend votes, should they go to the polls that will be the swing. I think the eastern part of the county will be a statistical split and old louisville and the highlands will pull dem.

  15. It’s now 10 pm. A very reputable poll has the underdog up 7 points in a dramatic swing of events. This underdog happens to be a Republican in a city where there has not been a Republican Mayor in 41 years. Yet, if you go to A Kentucky Newspaper’s site, this news is absolutely buried, buried. You would struggle to find it.

    Is this the best the CJ can do? Seriously. It’s one thing to protect your golden boy in a fluff editorial, but to hide a critical news story like this reeks of dishonesty.

  16. Yes, Jake. That is what I mean. Heiner scares the crap out of me. If he becomes mayor, will he require all gays to go through the “degay” program at Southeast Christian?

  17. James: HA! I encourage you to talk to Hal Heiner.

    He may be 100% brain dead when it comes to Fairness, but he doesn’t hate the gays.

  18. @James: Jake’s so right. Hal has made it abundantly clear that he’s not wanting to be mayor to divide people. He recognizes the Fairness ordinance as workable legislation that he’s promised to enforce.
    If you’re concerned about social justice, consider the socioeconomic impact to our poor and middle class of $3/tolls on our existing bridges.

  19. Consider the social and moral impact of not cleaning up the mess of the last several years. Our community deserves better than more of the same by more of the same people.

  20. If Heiner would pursue a social agenda he would destroy his Mayorship. I believe that he is trying to improve Louisville and our government. I do not believe that he has a social agenda, and I believe he is an honest man.

  21. I’m gay, and I TRUST HAL HEINER.

    I would like James and others to please stop their demagoguery about this earnest, EXPERIENCED gentleman who will be our next mayor.

    Heiner’s not perfect, but no candidate is perfect, and Hal has my hearty ENDORSEMENT.

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