Some Businesses Here Receive Corporate Welfare

Remember this when local businesses and organizations are screaming about health reform or “socialism.” [Page One]

Health and human service non-profits in Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby and Bullitt Counties in Kentucky and Clark, Floyd and Harrison Counties in Indiana are eligible to apply for emergency funding from Metro United Way. [MUW]

Former Labor Secretary and lady wife of Mitch McConnell, Elaine Chao, is gonna speak at some luncheon held by Louisville Republicans on October 11 at noon. Crowne Plaza. $100. [Email Blast]

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this previously: Louisville native Brian Goode, of The Weather Channel, will join WAVE3 as a fancy weather man this month. [Media Stuff]

What was that about the World Equestrian Games being perfect and cheap? Ruh ro. [Page One]

This may be America’s education moment. But will Kentucky realize it? Louisville? Will we just ignore it and try to sugar coat everything? [HuffPo]

Hal Heiner says he would lobby for low bridge tolls. How about NO TOLLS? Yeah. No tolls. Let’s work on that, kids. [WHAS11]

This is very important news for anyone who likes to eat things that taste good: Impellizeri’s is opening on Main Street. [Broken Sidewalk]

Smoketown the 14th most dangerous in the country? Surely I’m not the only person who doesn’t buy that. [FOX41]

The University of Louisville doesn’t hate the gays. And the school is doing something to curb bullying and homophobia. [WAVE3]

3 thoughts on “Some Businesses Here Receive Corporate Welfare

  1. “How Much for the Empress?”

    $100 bucks to attend a luncheon lecture by Empress Elaine Chao? That huge fee is appropriate only when one considers that corporate honchos will likely be the sole attendees. Why? The inflated price will keep out those working stiffs that are too smelly for the lady’s taste. Cheers, Empress.

  2. “In Praise of UofL”

    Kudos to UofL for its needed and commendable response to recent homophobic hate on other college campuses. It speaks well of UofL that a response team at Belknap’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Services acted so quickly.

  3. “Ya Gotta Be Tough”

    If the University of Louisville is sincere in their stated goal to eliminate bullying and harassment,
    I commend them.

    But I don’t believe it for a minute.

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