7 thoughts on “Rand Paul Loves Machine Guns Bunches

  1. Must have a small penis to need a big machine gun, does he drive a Hummer too ? That would clinch it for sure.

  2. This entire event is both equally frightening and reassuring with respect to the fact that this much firepower in the hands of private individuals in this country.

  3. Nothing wrong with citizens utilizing rights given by the US Constitution.

    The Constitution doesn’t say we have unfettered gun rights, it says we have the right to bear arms. Nuclear weapons are arms. Should US citizens be constitutionally allowed to own personal nuclear weapons?

  4. The people bringing waepons to this event followed the federal law by obtaining a permit for the automatic weapon and renewing that permit every year.

    The Constitution DOES NOT state that we DO NOT have the right to commit muder, so does it make that legal.

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