Part Of That GLI Story The Paper Withheld

LEO Weekly has taken a look at part of the GLI story that A Kentucky Newspaper has withheld, for whatever reason.

Here’s a bit:

Over the last decade, Louisville’s job market has been bleeding, with little real aid. And critics point to lethargy in Greater Louisville Inc., as the leading culprit.


[S]ome in the business community think the city’s chamber of commerce, Greater Louisville Inc., and their unwillingness to change or challenge regulations integral to business expansion is to blame for the sustained hemorrhaging, and could stand in the way of the next mayor’s lofty goals.

“Nobody wants to address this, including the Kentucky chamber of commerce and GLI,” says Bill Stone, owner of Louisville Plate Glass and member of GLI’s governmental affairs steering committee. “I think they’re concerned about pissing off the existing office holders who may get re-elected or stick around, and that is the problem. In order for a chamber of commerce … to be successful, there has to be a level of adversarial relationship with government. They have no adversarial relationship with government. None.”


“I think GLI is concerned that what they’ll do will upset the Mayor’s Office,” Stone continues. “And I think that’s more of a GLI perception than any desire of the Mayor’s Office. But I think their board is very concerned, their executives are very concerned to not upset the city, because if they do, then they will receive less money and the labor unions will be angry. So what?”


“I was comfortable with what (GLI was) doing,” Downard says. ”And I was comfortable with the way they were doing it and the efforts that were made. But I noticed the same thing that’s being said: The mayor got involved at the end for the press conference instead of being on the front-end saying (to companies) ‘You need to come here, you need to be in Louisville, and here’s why.’ That’s my observation.”

Nothing earth-shattering, but be sure to read the rest.

Seems the old Abramson guard and the new Fischer crew – the same people – are just complacent.

6 thoughts on “Part Of That GLI Story The Paper Withheld

  1. The entire mess is so incestuous it should be illegal. Carolyn Gatz went from the CJ to the Mayor’s Office, from there to GLI, and then to her own consulting company, which contracted BACK with GLI for the Greater Louisville Project. And nary a thing to show for her 20 years of “strategic leadership.”

  2. How about a list of former CJ employees thatwent on to run the city:
    Chad Carlton
    Joan Rheim
    Carolyn Gatz
    Chris Poynter
    *Make your own additions here

  3. It’s the good ole Club of louisville, If you are on the Correct Love list you get Favor and taken care of ,one way or another….It’s all who you know and whos working with who!….It’s all about the benifits and the positions of favor to get stuff done to benifit those in the deal!

    Louisville is SOOOOOO ready for a DO-OVER of the past 26 years that the process has become so crooked! & distigusting?

  4. There is a new one on the block–from Mayor’s Roundtable to 55,000 degrees with a lovely job for Mary Gwen Wheeler, aka Mrs. David Jones, Jr.–it’s another Carolyn Gatz-type boondoggle.

  5. I love hearing from Bill ” I never met a union official I liked ” Stone. Why doesn’t he run for office?

  6. And CG is also on the Kentuckianaworks board, too. Just once I would like to see one concrete product she has developed – she contracts for what? What has she done for the money she’s been paid? How much has she sucked out of the city over all these years?

    And remember, she is married to Ed Bennett, longtime muckety muck at the CJ. How can they possibly claim to be neutral when they are soooo intertwined?

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