A Look At The SurveyUSA Mayoral Crosstabs

Let’s take a look at the crosstabs for the latest SurveyUSA poll on the mayoral race, showing Hal Heiner leading Greg Fischer 51 to 44:

  • 58% of men & 45% of women support Heiner, 38% of men & 50% of women support Fischer
  • 56% of those ages 18-34 support Heiner, 35% support Fischer
  • 49% of those ages 35-49 support Heiner, 47% support Fischer
  • 50% of those ages 50-64 support Heiner, 47% support Fischer
  • 52% of those aged 65+ support Heiner, 46% support Fischer
  • Meaning Hal Heiner has 51% margins for those aged 18-49 and 50+, while Fischer only has 42% and 46% respectively
  • 57% of whites support Heiner, 74% of blacks support Fischer
  • 3% of whites are undecided while 7% of blacks are undecided
  • 24% of Democrats support Heiner while only 11% of Republicans say they support Fischer. That’s the big shocker
  • Heiner has a 91% favorable rating, 15% unfavorables, 59%
  • 91% of tea partiers have a favorable view of Heiner, 81% have an unfavorable view of Fischer
  • 61% of Heiner supporters say they’re more enthusiastic for the 2010 election than those prior, with 39% say less. 38% of Fischer supporters say they’re more enthusiastic for the 2010 election than those prior, with 52% saying they’re less enthusiastic. Big enthusiasm gap, despite the message the local Democratic Party is trying to push today.
  • 51% of college grads support Heiner, 45% support Fischer
  • 44% of those making less than $50,000 per year support Heiner, 51% of them support Fischer

Suppose it’s not much of a stretch for me to say these are troubling numbers for Greg Fischer.

How Many Jobs Will It Create, Greg?

Greg Fischer loves to preach “jobs, jobs, jobs” (verbatim) without ever explaining how he’ll create jobs in/lure jobs to this city.

And he’s had a few interesting things to say about the number of jobs the Ohio River Bridges Disaster will create:

Yeah. NOTHING that comes out of his mouth is based in fact. But the Democrats still want to murder people for daring to question him.

Newspaper Dishonesty Seems To Be Contagious

Like scary Louisville history? You probably need to win this book from me. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The author, James Markert, has book signings coming up: tonight @ 8, Barnes & Noble at the Summit; tomorrow @ 7, Carmichael’s on Frankfort Avenue; Saturday @ 1, Borders at Hurstbourne & Taylorsville. [Go Meet Him]

What do you think about Greg Fischer’s new talking point that he’s “known from the beginning” that the mayoral race is going to be tight? Touting suspect polling data over established SurveyUSA. Ha. [Deep Mayoral Thoughts]

The Lexington Herald-Leader is seemingly trying hard to mimic A Kentucky Newspaper on the dishonesty front. What a shame. [Page One]

Snow removal plans have been announced. This means it’s now time for you to make plans for Kroger rushes in the event of snow flurries. They’ll be here soon enough. [WFPL]

Hal Heiner IS an idiot when it comes to fairness and discrimination. There’s no disputing that. But pretending that Greg Fischer is the savior of the gays is a stretch. If Fairness really cared about equality, they’d be hitting all the candidates with bigoted views. Like Todd Lally (yes, they CAN point out his discriminatory views). Like Dan Seum. Like Doug Hawkins. [Fairness]

Why is it Greg Fischer struggles with not slinging dishonest mud on the campaign trail? [WAVE3]

You saw the Greg Fischer profile, now watch the Hal Heiner segment from Rachel Platt. Donkeys and the Rolling Stones. [WHAS11]

It was mind blowing to watch this racist say racist things on camera. Amazing that people like this hold these jacked up views in 2010. Even in New Albany. [FOX41]

SurveyUSA Heiner Leads Fischer 51 To 44

The latest SurveyUSA poll is out and here it is:

  • Greg Fischer 44
  • Hal Heiner 51
  • Undecided 4

This is the first time a mayoral candidate has broken 50%.

And the weighting of this poll is much closer to reality.

UPDATE: Fischer just sent out an email blast claiming the race is a dead heat. He was claiming a commanding lead and borderline victory just day ago.

UPDATE @ 7:37 A.M. the next day: CLICK HERE for the SurveyUSA crosstabs from last night’s poll.

New Waverly Book Give-Away For Halloween

James Markert, author of the Waverly Hills Novels, has a new work of fiction out in paperback called The Requiem Rose: A Waverly Hills Story:

At the height of the tuberculosis epidemic, a patient dies every hour at Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Sanatorium. Wolfgang Pike is both priest and doctor at the sanatorium, but his medicine can’t cure the sick and his religion can’t bring peace to them—or to himself. After the love of his life, Rose, died tragically on a downtown street, Wolfgang began focusing all his energy on writing the perfect requiem for her. But nothing is perfect enough for Rose’s memory.

When Tad McVain, a seven-fingered mute veteran of the Great War, shows up to die of TB, Wolfgang discovers that McVain was once a concert pianist. McVain reluctantly agrees to help Wolfgang finish his requiem, and suddenly they find themselves surrounded by musicians. Seeing it as a long-awaited sign from God, Wolfgang and a nurse, Susannah, recruit a choir from the patients and begin a small orchestra. Wolfgang is convinced that he can heal through music.

But his boss, Dr. Barker, opposes his every scheme.

Sounds good, right? Right. And thanks to James, I’m giving away two copies to readers.

To be entered to win, leave a comment on this post (be sure to use an email address where you may be contacted – it won’t be shared) telling us about your favorite spooky story about Louisville’s history. We’ll draw names just before Halloween.

Let’s Compare Mayoral Campaign Coverage

In A Kentucky Newspaper’s endorsement today, here’s what they say about Greg Fischer and the mayoral race, attacking Hal Heiner:

Mr. Heiner launched a misleading attack ad that suggested that Mr. Fischer had made improper commitments to lure independent candidate Jackie Green out of the race. Actually, as demonstrated by the e-mail trail that Mr. Heiner demanded be made public, Mr. Fischer had behaved appropriately. In approving the ad, Mr. Heiner violated his pledge not to engage in negative advertising — a promise Mr. Fischer kept.

Mr. Green’s withdrawal in favor of Mr. Fischer made good sense, since Mr. Fischer’s positions on environmental and transportation issues are more in line with the views that Mr. Green usefully introduced to this year’s political discussion.

As we all know by now, that’s just not based in reality. LEO previously addressed the Gannett paper’s purposefully slanted coverage, we’ve highlighted the facts and even gone in-depth with Green camp communications. To ignore reality is a shame. Especially when it comes to protecting an editorial endorsement investment.

Interestingly, LEO Weekly handled the endorsement scandal much differently and included details that were available to the Gannett paper, but for some reason were not published:

LEO reported last Wednesday that independent mayoral candidate Jackie Green told his staff that the Fischer campaign “raised the issue of our team” playing a role in Metro government while negotiating his departure from the race. “The (Fischer campaign) also raised the issue of our team playing a role inside gov. — should Greg get lucky. ;),” Green wrote his staff in an Oct. 13 e-mail.


Under state law, candidates cannot make “expenditure, loan, promise, agreement or contract as to action when elected, in consideration for a vote.” Any person who knowingly violates this provision could be charged with a Class D felony, punishable by up to one to five years in prison.


Fischer has since released an ad slamming Heiner, calling his attack “deceitful” for alleging that Green was given something in return for his endorsement and taking exception with LEO’s coverage.

“It’s pretty obvious, if you read the e-mails that we released last week, that nothing was promised to Jackie Green other than input,” says Fischer campaign spokesman Chris Poynter. “Unfortunately, your publication has chosen to focus only on e-mails between Green and his campaign staff. And you know, that is Green’s interpretation to his staff.

Click here to read the rest of that. Not surprising, Poynter defended A Kentucky Newspaper and attacked LEO’s inclusion of additional information to make the story more complete.

Finally, Jonathan Meador spent a day on the campaign trail with Greg Fischer. Check this bit about the ice and beverage machine:

Founded in 1974, ServEnd Distributors was bought by Fischer’s father in 1980 and renamed ServEnd International. Fischer’s work there has become something of a black eye for the Highlands’ businessman, who has been criticized for claiming to have invented the company’s flagship ice-vending machine, which put ServEnd on the map as a result of the convenience store explosion of the ’80s.

Court documents obtained by The Ville Voice show Fischer’s name on only one patent, No. 4,641,763, as co-inventor, while ServEnd co-founder Jerry Landers’ name appears on the remaining 13.

Fischer finds the criticism puzzling. “I don’t understand that. I co-founded a business in 1980, and Jerry Landers and I invented an ice and beverage dispenser. We started a business in a garage and built it internationally. Most people would think that’s a good thing,” he laughs.

Click here to read the rest of that story.

Unfortunately for Fischer, it is well-documented that he did not invent or co-invent an ice and beverage dispenser. Greg’s name is but a secondary on a patent for the development of a metal plate. A metal plate.. Not the machine that’s made up of 10-12 different patented pieces of equipment that were not developed by Greg Fischer. The actual inventor of that original metal plate, Jerry Landers, is even on record discussing the matter.


Most people do believe improving a product is a good thing. They don’t, however, think misrepresenting what you actual did is such a good thing.