NON-SHOCKER: Churchill Kills HullabaLOU

In the most non-shocking move EVER, Churchill Downs has killed its entertainment group and has canceled HullabaLOU.

From the release:

The HullabaLOU Music Festival will not be conducted in 2011, but may return in future years once the economy and the live-music business in the U.S. have fully recovered, and if suitable calendar dates can be found. HullabaLOU 2010 was plagued by three consecutive July days with heat indexes exceeding 105 degrees.

CDI formed the CDE group in 2009 to develop large-scale, live entertainment events that could be conducted at CDI facilities and at other non-CDI venues. CDE developed the inaugural HullabaLOU Music Festival conducted on July 23-25, 2010, at Churchill Downs Racetrack, and the Fork, Cork & Style food and wine festivals conducted at Churchill Downs Racetrack on September 12, 2010, and at Arlington Park Race Course on October 2, 2010.

“It has become clear that launching new, upscale entertainment events in the current economy, particularly with the persistently high levels of unemployment, is extremely difficult,” said CDI President and Chief Executive Officer Robert L. Evans. “While we received exceptionally high marks from the nearly 80,000 people who attended our CDE events, we fell short of the attendance levels necessary to operate these events profitably.”

CD blames the poor turnout on Kentucky’s hot July weather, causing Louisville residents to roll their eyes in unison.

Interesting that they ignore the Forecastle Festival and other music events around town that continue to be hugely successful.

2 thoughts on “NON-SHOCKER: Churchill Kills HullabaLOU

  1. What did they expect? I think someone on this board stated it best: you had a couple of great groups, and the rest of the line-up was like the free concert series at the state fair. Tix prices were outrageous, and not allowing people to come and go through the day was just a dumb idea.

  2. HasbeenaLou, er, HubristicLou failed? And Forecastle, a true-community-spawned music festival featuring some of the best in new music, is stronger than ever? Ya don’t say!

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