Newspaper Dishonesty Seems To Be Contagious

Like scary Louisville history? You probably need to win this book from me. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The author, James Markert, has book signings coming up: tonight @ 8, Barnes & Noble at the Summit; tomorrow @ 7, Carmichael’s on Frankfort Avenue; Saturday @ 1, Borders at Hurstbourne & Taylorsville. [Go Meet Him]

What do you think about Greg Fischer’s new talking point that he’s “known from the beginning” that the mayoral race is going to be tight? Touting suspect polling data over established SurveyUSA. Ha. [Deep Mayoral Thoughts]

The Lexington Herald-Leader is seemingly trying hard to mimic A Kentucky Newspaper on the dishonesty front. What a shame. [Page One]

Snow removal plans have been announced. This means it’s now time for you to make plans for Kroger rushes in the event of snow flurries. They’ll be here soon enough. [WFPL]

Hal Heiner IS an idiot when it comes to fairness and discrimination. There’s no disputing that. But pretending that Greg Fischer is the savior of the gays is a stretch. If Fairness really cared about equality, they’d be hitting all the candidates with bigoted views. Like Todd Lally (yes, they CAN point out his discriminatory views). Like Dan Seum. Like Doug Hawkins. [Fairness]

Why is it Greg Fischer struggles with not slinging dishonest mud on the campaign trail? [WAVE3]

You saw the Greg Fischer profile, now watch the Hal Heiner segment from Rachel Platt. Donkeys and the Rolling Stones. [WHAS11]

It was mind blowing to watch this racist say racist things on camera. Amazing that people like this hold these jacked up views in 2010. Even in New Albany. [FOX41]

3 thoughts on “Newspaper Dishonesty Seems To Be Contagious

  1. C-Fair and such keep ignoring my question of whether Fischer currently offers same-sex benefits to his employees. He could do that by signing a memo. Yet, he doesn’t.

    Heiner has said he’d enforce the Fairness ordinance. If Fischer doesn’t offer same-sex benefits to his employees, what makes C-Fair think that he’ll do anything more than enforce current laws? It seems to me that Fischer and Heiner have the exact same stance on the issue.

  2. This page will say or do anything to get Hal elected, including attacking anyone who is for him. That is your right. But the comment ” if Fairness really cared about equality” is beyond the pale. You should be ashamed of yourself. Fairness has been fighting for equality for many years. People lost their jobs doing so. Trashing the organization because it is for Fischer by questioning whether it “really cares about equality” is just wrong.

  3. Ah, so you’re Christ Poynter.

    Ready for me to start publishing all the hideously nasty comments people leave about you?

    I’ve said it dozens of times – I don’t and won’t support Hal Heiner.

    But I WILL work against Greg Fischer.

    It’s bullshit for you to anonymously criticize what I’ve said about Fairness. Do I need to rehash the Herndon mess? Maybe the Eklof situation? Todd’s written me tons of stuff via email that is quite damning and embarrassing.

    I don’t think we want to go there.

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