10 thoughts on “Mayor McCheese & Airport Folks Have News

  1. I’m betting Southwest direct service to the new Destin/Panama City airport. Nashville for some reason got a direct flight there when the service launched earlier this year, and given the number of Louisvillians who make the trek to the Gulf it would make perfect sense.

  2. Wall Street 24/7 has just ranked Kentucky as the worst-run state in the union. (50 out of 50) What will happen with Mayor McCheese in Frankfort?

  3. Wrong, Hipster. Happy Pants will be the next President of the local ‘athletic club’ a/k/a University of Louisville. It’ll be the Goobernatorial payoff for loosing the Lt.Goober race and done in the Intereggnum. Yucks.

  4. Hopefully if Southwest acquires Airtran, we can get a under 2-week direct flight to Atlanta for under $200.

  5. Speaking of announcements – how about the loudest ones of all?
    We haven’t heard anything about the status of Museum Plaza’s HUD loan since early July. Did they get turned down?
    Will we not hear anything else until the mayor announces a kool-aid stand at 7th & Main, whose proceeds will net the city and MP $120 million over 32 years and result in 27,500 green jobs?
    At least we know if that happens, the only signs you’ll see will be bare granite slabs sitting in trenches where the curbs used to be , dirt where sidewalks used to be, and several freshly planted dead trees. As an aside: I don’t know why the trees on ground level have such a hard time thriving. The ones in the gutters of all the outlying Metro government buildings seem to thrive all year.

  6. I vaguely recall hearing that September was the month HUD funding for MP would be decided, clearly that is incorrect, anyone know a more accurate timeline?

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