Local Democratic Party Gets Stupid Again

The local Democratic Party has again pulled a stupid move in the mayoral race. And this one is based on messages that Greg Fischer tried to test in his poll last month.

Take a look at their latest video for yourself:

What was that about Greg Fischer moving businesses to Southern Indiana, again? Does Greg really believe his is Hal’s motivation? If so, what’s it say about his own business interests in Indiana? Why was he afraid to release this from his own campaign?

What about the majority of Louisvillians who support an East End bridge? Do they want that bridge built first because Hal Heiner owns property in Indiana? Or maybe because of traffic studies and reality, as Heiner has explained?

My mind is blown at the level of stupid (it’s not ignorance) these people push out on a regular basis. I could name probably a dozen way more powerful issues on which to attack Hal Heiner that are based in reality. It’s almost like Tim Longmeyer, the local Party chair, wants to abandon Democratic voters by hitting on an issue they overwhelmingly support.

13 thoughts on “Local Democratic Party Gets Stupid Again

  1. If you REALLY want to understand why Kentucky’s (Democratic Governors and Louisville Mayors) have dragged their feet on THIS SIDE OF THE RIVER as it relates to the East End Bridge, then the EXISTENCE of THAT MUCH OPEN OFFICE/FACTORY SPACE just over the ‘proposed’ bridge in Southern Indiana — which ALSO has MUCH BETTER tax incentives than Kentucky IS THE REAL REASON. They all know WHAT EVERYONE WILL NOW KNOW — with an East End Bridge built, Kentucky AND Louisville have NO CHANCE of effectively competing with Indiana. Has nothing to do with Heiner AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH KENTUCKY AND LOUISVILLE’S STAGNANT GOVERNMENT. If John Y. Brown Jr. were Governor, this would have ALREADY BEEN ACCOMPLISHED, just like his ORIGINAL efforts to lure UPS, here — which have been hijacked by all the other NINCOMPOOP POLITICIANS.

  2. The idea that Heiner owns the River Ridge Commerce Center is entirely misleading, like so much else from the Fischer camp. Likewise, Heiner’s recent bridges stances are in opposition to those of the River Ridge Development Authority, who recently gave $100K to the Bridges Coalition.

    Is that crowd just completely incapable of relating anything approximating factual truth?

  3. Do you really want your sitting mayor of Louisville pushing his Southern Indiana properties? I don’t. This is a real concern. Who will Heiner put first — our city or his properties?

  4. Hal Heiner, who only makes rent off those properties?

    Or Greg Fischer, who pockets millions in profits from businesses he moved to Indiana on top of the hundreds of thousands of dollars he receives from the state in tax breaks?


    That’s the ticket.

  5. A prayer for Hal Heiner by Bob Russell, founder of Southeast Christian. 

    This prayer was read at a recent Heiner fundraiser, then e-mail to many people.

    Do you want Southeast Christian controlling the mayor’s office? What will Hal do to make Louisville a “moral city?”

    Prayer for Hal Heiner


  6. I, personally, would much rather have someone who attends Six Flags Over Jesus in the mayor’s office if they’re honest… instead of someone who lies, obfuscates and bloviates.

  7. I’m not religious, but I do look at how ethical a candidate is. Comparatively speaking, I have to agree with Jake. It also doesn’t help Fischer’s image that some of his minions are going around trashing Democratic/progressive endorsers/supporters of Heiner. I’ve not seen any of this nastiness from the Heiner camp.

  8. Remember when John Kerry threw the 2004 Presidential election by cowardly not standing up against Bush on Iraq in the months leading up to November?
    Eventually, they brought in Jim Carville to fix his mess, but they waited until it was too late.
    This time: like that time. I’m looking for Christy, I mean, Fischer to bring in a PROFESSIONAL in very, very near future.

  9. You’re reaching a bit into conspiracy-theory land thinking Christy controls everything.

    I think the only thing Greg has up his sleeve is an ad or two featuring Jerry Abramson.

  10. IF he runs a single ad with Happy Pants THEN I’M THROUGH WITH HIM COMPLETELY. The ‘ole soft shoe’ and ‘flip-floppin’ will be simply too great — because he’s insisted that he intends to be his own man. Jerry needs to be INVESTIGATED by the next administration, not an endorser of IT.

  11. Personally, I don’t think either candidate’s business interest’s in Indiana is an issue——- but collecting rent on major commercial developments IS the profit from Heiner’s business, and it is equal in importance to the profits of any other business owner.

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