How’s Your Political Hell Week Going So Far?

Last night Rand Paul name dropped me while pointing out that Jack Conway flip-flopped on cap & trade. And I’ve – no joke – already received threats from a crazed Democrat. [Page One]

If you missed last night’s debate, you may watch it via KET or C-SPAN. [KET & C-SPAN]

Chris Thieneman, the guy who admitted to trying to buy favor with zoning – the guy who gives people free rent in exchange for positive press, endorsed Hal Heiner. [WHAS11]

Greg Fischer is still having difficulty accepting the fact that he could be investigated for election fraud. He’s freaking out that Hal Heiner continues to call him out. [FatLip]

The Jefferson County Teachers Association rescinded its endorsement of of David Toborowski. After all of those mailers and television spots. Guess that whole pretending to live in an apartment owned by Chris Thieneman didn’t work out so well for him. [FOX41]

Eric Flack has tons more on the story. It’s a mess for that group of Thieneman followers. [WAVE3]

Since Gabe Bullard is pointing it out, I’ll do the same. Feel free to check this story to see which A Kentucky Newspaper reporter outed a confidential source. [WFPL]

Is Louisville really the sixth dumbest city in the country? [FatLip]

The Frazier Museum and the University of Louisville Early Music Ensemble presents Nevermore: An Evening With Poe. You should probably check it out. [Consuming Louisville]

Kentucky’s 3rd District Congressional race is considered “strong dem” and the U.S. Senate race leans Republican. [Here & Here]

13 thoughts on “How’s Your Political Hell Week Going So Far?

  1. Imagine, Brent McKim admitting a mistake! It would have been nice if Toborowsky could even have named the schools in his district. The kids deserve better then this.

  2. So now that JCTA has plastered billboards on expressways and littered mailboxes with fliers , spending hundreds of thousands of hard working teacher’s money, Brent has all of a sudden discovered his conscience and wants voters to make up their own minds? (per wave3 video). Are we now going to see a big “nevermind” stamped across those billboards? Is JCTA going to spend even more money sending out fliers that say “Ooops, we thought we could get away with paying to elect another idiot on the school board, but we picked too big of an idiot this time!”

    Teachers in this district should be outraged and take back their union. Teachers need to wake up and realize that Brent McKim cares only about Brent McKim and how much power he can amass. Berman and McKim entered into a pact to elect Tobo, but Berman keeps forgetting time after time that he is not a power broker in this community. Berman is a NOBODY, but he is so blinded by his delusions of grandeur. And McKim has been standing so close to Berman since the day he stepped foot in this district that he too lives in Berman’s fantasy land of self absorbtion. Off with their heads!

    Shelley baby, you better be polishing off your resume because you’re ass is grass and Wesslund is the lawnmower. That is if the voters bother to read the C-J or watch Wave3 to learn the truth.

  3. This is just Berman trying to manipulate the vote to renew his contract. A new person in would make the vote swing his way. I wouldn’t be surprised if Berman promised something behind the scenes to McKim if JCTA backs Tobo. Tobo would replace the current member and she is against renewing Berman while Tobo would probably vote to renew. Just good ol boys looking out for their paycheck and not the welfare of the students they are choosen to represent. Can’t even name your schools? What a joke and prayerfully the Board will vote to make a new change in January. Our system was bad three years ago but we are a total joke right now and leadership starts at the top. You want credit for all the good things Super but all the bad things are someone elses fault? Great leadership and honesty for a change would be refreshing but when a man can’t be honest with his own family then how can we expect him to be honest with employees? Look into it Jake and I bet you will find a system that runs similar to the current Metro Government. You vote our way and we will give you a job with authority when you don’t meet the qualifications.

  4. On 6th dumbest city thing….get a load of the “new Pat Todd” for JCPS. His name is Jack Jacobs and is the epitome of a muscle meathead “Bubba”. Former principal of Breckinridge Metro, the public school jail. Jack is now in charge of student assignment. Uh, how do ya think that’s gonna go? Lawyers in town are going to have a field day with him, he is a bigger goon than any union thug ever portrayed on TV.

  5. Citizen – don’t think student assignment will matter if Berman is voted out. I think the plan will follow him down the big road. Look at Raleigh, NC and how they have revamped their system. Louisville followed them on student assignment and I believe it is a matter of time before Louisville takes back their school system. Misery loves company and JCPS is a miserable place to be right now from schools, admin, VanHoose, and parents/students. Poor leadership and inaction have caused us to sink further. Call your local Board member and ask them to answer this simple question. “Are we better of today than we were three years ago when Dr. Berman came to town?”

  6. The answer is no for so many reasons we would need a book to list them. Among them the fact that there is a pattern of declining test scores over these years in the very areas that Dr. Berman has focused on: math, science, and social studies. Only Every 1 Reads, destroyed by Berman, kept the reading scores from following in the same direction. He has absolutely no understanding and skills needed to run a large, urban district.

  7. Next to Webster’s Dictionary definition of “loser” is a picture of Berman. It was taken in his younger days (mid-1980’s) when he founded and was prexy of a ‘thing’ called “Educators for Social Responsibility.” Check it out on Google. That will show you why he is little more than a ‘social engineer’ — and in no event is he an educator. We need to get the ‘rail’ ready to run this goober ‘out of town’ on it.

  8. Louisville has no chance of improving its educational attainment ranking if the city tolls its citizens to build some of the worlds ugliest infrastructure on its image defining gateway. The current design of the downtown ORBP will effectively make the city of Louisville unmarketable to the world and repel the type of citizens Louisville needs to compete.

  9. Stunoland: I agree that ‘educational attainment’ and the ‘downtown ORBP’ are two enormously significant issues around here, but I’m afraid your effort to tie them together is a really big stretch — somewhat remindful of the “Rose Mary Woods stretch” of Nixon’s Watergate fame. Pretty ugly stretch.

  10. Thieneman is not supplying Tobo with an ordinary apartment – he is living in a half million dollar patio home next to Ballard High School

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