How Many Jobs Will It Create, Greg?

Greg Fischer loves to preach “jobs, jobs, jobs” (verbatim) without ever explaining how he’ll create jobs in/lure jobs to this city.

And he’s had a few interesting things to say about the number of jobs the Ohio River Bridges Disaster will create:

Yeah. NOTHING that comes out of his mouth is based in fact. But the Democrats still want to murder people for daring to question him.

8 thoughts on “How Many Jobs Will It Create, Greg?

  1. I feel like there could be a similar piece done about how Greg has “created/grown/invested” in “dozens/over 15/multiple” of Louisville companies which have created “thousands/over a thousand/thousand” new jobs for Louisvillians….

  2. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs or just Jobs
    Most people including those who have never started or run any kind of business have never created a single job. When such folks need or want a job they will often say they are going to go out and find one or they found one. Well good for them. Except their comment makes no sense at all. They speak of finding a job casually as if it is just laying on the side of the road for them to pick up. Talk about being nieve. The job they ‘find’ must first be created by someone else. That someone else is almost never the government as many of their jobs already exist. New jobs, the zenith of a successful and modern culture get created by those who do things like: plan, invest, develop, grow, strategize, obtain loans to grow and so on.
    They include all kinds of people from mom and pops who open a local store to global mega-corporations and everything in between including companies like Servend and Capstone Realty and entreprenuerial investors like Greg Fischer and enterprenurial Metro Council members like Hal Heiner. Who knows how many jobs each has created? No one really knows for sure. Greg probably did create 1000. Perhaps the 2000 claim was a bit of a stretch but maybe not. 4000 people actually work at a business park that Hal created. Do you know the actual number? Who would know? It would take an army of CPA’s to figure it out and at the end who cares?
    Entreprenuers understand that even creating a single new job over time will have a ripple effect and create lots of other jobs too. If they say hire an engineer who then earns enough money to hire a builder to build a house how many jobs is that? One, perhaps. What if I see two? I think you get my point. This might help to keep in mind the next time you listen to the likes of Greg and Hal. These guys are job creators on steroids as are most entreprenuers. We just happened to get lucky this election and have two really good ones face it off.

    In all fairness (no not the gay special rights kind but the lets be fair mono mono for a moment) there is a lot in common between both candidates when it comes to this issue although they do have very different approaches to job creation with Greg expanding government (bad idea) and Hal eliminating red tape (much better idea). So now it is our turn, we the public composed of both people who go out looking for a job and entreprenuers who actually do the job creating part, we get a choice next Teusday. As the old master warned, choose wisely.
    The fact of the matter is people like Greg Fischer and Hal Heiner both have created lots of jobs. Heiner probably more but it doesn’t matter. Both have had an enormous effect on the local job market.

    On Tuesday one of these very successful enterprenuers will go back to being a very successful enterprenuers and right now with seven points behind it looks like Greg will be returning to the private sector. I think it’s fair to say we have not seen the last of Greg Fischer. Stay tuned. .

  3. Really? Gay “special rights”?

    In what world are you living?

    I hope you realize that as a business owner in Louisville, it’s illegal for you to say such tripe to your employees. It’s discriminatory to suggest ANYONE is getting “special rights” simply because – if they live in Louisville – they can’t be fired for being gay or denied housing for being gay.

    As someone who conducts international business, you may want to reconsider your ignorant belief structure or phrase what you have to say a bit differently. Especially if you wish to comment here.

  4. Actually its, if they are employed in Jefferson county. The law here is very clear and I understand it well.
    I am not saying this to employees anywhere but if I did i don’t think it would be illegal. I am simply voicing a sentiment, kind of like Juan Williams did before he was fired me? I hope not, I like the ‘Ville very much.

    Calling things you don’t like, discriminatory…seems narrow minded, the opposite of what The ‘Ville Voice seems to represent. Would you please clarify what you mean by discriminatory? I’m ok with a dialog to understand your view and only ask the same from you. Sound reasonable?

    My point was to consider to be fair in the sense of the meaning of fair and not the meaning of fairness as it has somewhat recently come to mean.

    Sticking to my point, both Fischer and Heiner create a lot of jobs. Q.E.D.

  5. I don’t think you meant to bring up Juan Williams. Since he has an established history of saying horrendous shit and holding silly views.

    Things I don’t like? What you said was complete and utter horseshit. It’s personally discriminatory. To suggest that the Fairness Ordinance gives me special rights is a firing offense in many places of work.

    There is no room for swaying from that point of view here. Don’t like it? Please leave immediately. This is not some George W. Bush or UofL free speech zone.

  6. Glad to hear it… sometimes arguing with an a$$whole who is full of feces is just simply wasting toilet paper.

    I truly have to much respect for the work you do to see that moron try to drag you into a wasted fight

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