Here’s That Big Jerry Airport Announcement

Looks like Vision Airlines will be operating flights between Louisville and Atlanta.

$99 each way.

Sorry for getting everyone excited.

UPDATE: Some folks have asked what you can do in Hotlanta. Here’s what I would do…

  • Find Anderson Cooper, if he’s not in New York being fancy
  • Go to the corn syrup juice factory
  • See where Nene & Kim play house

What would you do with your fancy $99×2 trip to Atlanta?

6 thoughts on “Here’s That Big Jerry Airport Announcement

  1. Yay is correct. Current the cheapest direct non-advance flight from Louisville to Atlanta is $657.00

  2. Hmmm. 20 min to SDF. 60 min to takeoff. 90 min to ATL. 20 min to highway. 45 min to get anywhere in metro Atlanta. Since I’m almost 4 hours into this, I may as well drive. 6 hours if you haul a$$.

  3. I meet up with friends in Hotlanta every summer and we love it. It is not for the faint of heart but if you like crowds and enjoy torturing your children by riding MARTA, it can be a fun weekend! I think they have one of the nicest Children’s Museums in the country with activities that are actually functioning (unlike Louisville’s Science Center) and there are a ton of small museums to take your children to (Coca Cola being my fave). They also have some of the nicest Malls I have ever stepped foot in with Coach, Burberry, Saks, etc…

    And, yes I know he is gay, but I would still look for Anderson Cooper as I think just speaking to him would do things for me most straight men cannot! 😉

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