16 thoughts on “Hal Heiner’s New Ad Features Democrats

  1. So what’s worse? Hal Heiner! by a long shot. What’s worse is “80 64” leader Tyler Allen being so selfish and imploding his leadership on a more livable Louisville.
    Good ad? Sure! But honest? No!
    Hal Heiner is not a progressive when it comes to making Louisville more livable. Transparent government? Yes, we know the fat cat developers will call for less environmental protections and less regulations. Heiner doesn’t believe that climate change is man made which puts him in league with a dinasaur named Rush. Also, where is the conscience on not supporting equal rights for Gays? On social issues Greg trumps Hal.
    We know how Republican Mayors run a city:
    Slash social services
    unlimited suburban sprawl
    let downtowns crumble
    stop big ticket projects like the Yum Arena and Museum Plaza
    ignore Brownfields in West Louisville
    ignore demands for green transportation–converting one-ways to two-ways, bike lanes from the downtown to nearby neighborhoods and planning that makes neighborhoods more walkable.
    Its nice to know how “transparent” these called “Democrats” stand on other issues.Tyler’s actions in this race have forever sunk the support needed for 86 64–pretty selfish to sink this grassroots movement. Your standing among progressives is forever tarnished. Don’t be fooled. Vote Greg! Adios Hal, Tyler, Lisa and “photo shop” Shannon!
    Greg is not perfect but he is the best and the most progressive among the two. I just hope that once he is elected he comes out against the downtown bridge.

  2. If I have to choose between the establishment or a man who doesn’t like gays and will make Louisville “a more moral city,” as reported un yesterday’s CJ, I’ll take the former

  3. I want a “more moral city” less crime; honest gov’t; and freedom and equality for all the citizens of Louisville…That’s what that means…Hal Heiner will do that! He’s a man that considers ALL people important….

  4. Comon! Gays will be second class citizens under Hal’s leadership. Its his actions in the past not his words. By the way, who will Hall exclude for prayer breakfast meetings in city hall? Budhists, Jewsm Muslims? Why doesn’t the media look at that social issue?

  5. WW, you are making it up as you go along, just like Fischer has done. Say anything and see if it sticks, then change your mind.

    It’s Hal Heiner for me without any question. He has good ideas and will be good for Louisville.

  6. Dear WW
    Please reserve the use of progressive for those who are. Look at the disaster that Democratic mayors have caused other US cities:
    #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 highest taxes in the US. Louisville is #6.

    For you enviro-bums please note that the mayor has very little to do with actual environmental regulations, that would be the guys in our State Legislature and the Feds. Try down the road in Frankfort and then on to D.C.

    Under Democratic mayors many of our fair cities have severe urban decay, high crime, drug dealer marathons with relay races between crack houses and meth labs and our worse legacy of all not crumbling buildings, Egypt is full of those, but these have wrecking ball ready buildings because they were all trashed.

    Rights for gays, rubish. Look how Dems used rights for blacks to destroy the black family and put their sons in prison. Can gays stand this kind of abuse and somehow find a way to call it a right?

    As for Mr. Allen and the other candidates, don’t they have a right to speak their mind in a fair and open discussion? I care what you have to say. Why can you not find it in your progressiveness to extend the same courtesy to them? Could it be that you are really a liberal and only hyjack a progresive personna when you can hide behind it?

  7. Thanks “clear and present”–WW doesn’t even bother with facts or logic, just paints with a big, broad brush. You would think Fischer would attract a higher class of shills.

  8. I know I will be a first-class citizen under Hal Heiner’s leadership. Stop with the bogeyman tripe.

    The bottom line for me is that Fischer is very dishonest, and that’s far worse than anything one can say about Heiner.

  9. To Clear and Present, rhere are good and bad Democratic and Republican mayors. Louisville has average levels of city taxation but high rates of state taxation.

    I urge everyone to vote for a candidate that opposes the terribly designed downtown ORBP. The city of Louisville will no longer attract and retain large numbers of educated, open-minded, and creative citizens. The city will drop into a 100 year downward spiral if we toll ourselves to build some of the world’s ugliest infrastructure on our image defining gateway.

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