5 thoughts on “Hal Heiner’s Latest Mayoral Campaign Spot

  1. What a great clip!!! Jobs are important to help put people back to work but also to ensure the growth in the tax base. When people work they invest in our community by buying goods and services and new industry and new jobs bring back the tax base that we squandered under Mayor Happy Pants. Maybe with an expanded tax base we could hire the 300 police officers that have been left unfilled or bring our essential canine unit into full force. There are many parts of our government that are in dire need of repair. I believe, Hal will fix it. This is a pivotal election and Fisher has hired the same old Happy Pants folks and has shown us that telling the truth about what you have actually accomplished has no place in a campaign.

  2. Singapore, Japan and Germany….three down and about 170 to go. Finally we have a horse the likes we haven’t seen since before Secretariat and Man of War. This is a leader clearly the the voters will bet to win.

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