Hal Heiner Launches Neighborhoods Site

Mayoral candidate Hal Heiner’s campaign today announced a website focused on Louisville neighborhoods.

Here’s an example:

What kind of ideas does Heiner have to share about Butchertown?

  • Keep the Operation Brightside program
  • Create liaison between metro government and neighborhoods / small businesses so there can be a more direct way to communicate with the Mayor’s office.
  • Government needs to act as the facilitator, not gatekeeper, which would allow a greater role for small communities like Butchertown to have an impact on its own future.
  • Turn Mellwood Avenue into a 2-way street.
  • Improve Metro Call because it’s a great way for citizens to reach out to government.
  • Small city police should be able to work with metro police to save time and money.
  • Help re-locate Swift.
  • Don’t kill Butchertown property values by expanding Spaghetti Junction.

I think this effort is pretty slick. Thoughts?

It’ll be interesting to see how Greg Fischer follows suit.

9 thoughts on “Hal Heiner Launches Neighborhoods Site

  1. I live in butchertown and we’ve been hearing much of the same crap from politicians for years. They never do anything and neither, I suspect, will Hal Heiner. Heiner spoke to our neighborhood association about two months ago — and no one was impressed. He’s still a republican. I can’t vote for a republican — and most of my neighbors can’t either.

  2. Really? Cause all I’ve heard is empty platitudes from politicians like Greg Fischer, David Tandy and Jerry Abramson. Even Joni Jenkins, who ignorantly has spoken to the Swift issue.

    I haven’t seen any of them offer such pointed positions on Butchertown.

    I won’t be voting for Hal Heiner, but come on. Not voting for someone solely because they’re a Republican? With that logic, you’d vote for an anti-gay, anti-Butchertown, anti-choice, racist, bigot just because they’re a Democrat.

  3. How much does party affiliation really play into local issues anyway? I couldn’t care less what party my councilman, PVA, judge, or mayor call his or her own. I just hope they know how to effectively handle the job I vote them to do share my opinions on the local (non partisan) issues I care most about. Heiner fits the bill in the mayoral race.

  4. I have not voted for a Republican in decades, but this November that will change. Fischer has adopted many of Heiner’s positions because he was too uninformed and ignorant to understand what is important until Heiner explained it to him.

    I agree totally that local office is different than national office. The future of downtown and the neighborhoods is vital, and Heiner seems to get it. Fischer does not.

  5. I was there when Hal spoke in Butchertown, and to correct the person above (don’t recall a “James” being there), people WERE IMPRESSED. They were impressed he reached out and wanted to meet with us, impressed at his level of knowledge of Butchertown and the adversities its faces. But what stood out to everyone I talked to was how Hal was actually engaging us and LISTENING- and it is evident by what he has put together and released today. While you don’t see any Hal signs up in the neighborhood, the only Greg ones you see are in people’s yards that work for his campaign-

  6. I continue to be most impressed with Mr. Heiner’s campaign. I believe he knows what matters to all of the citizens of Louisville.

  7. Heiner has come a long way on the most important issue in Butchertown and ultimately the city’s future, the design and funding plan for the ORBP. The terribly designed downtown portion of the Ohio River Bridges Project will push 23 lanes of elevated concrete right next to the majority of Butchertown. Even worse, If this boondogle is built Louisville’s image defining gateway will be effectively unmarketable to the world. Heiner realizes he has to reflect the majority opinion on this issue (>60% don’t want to pay tolls for the downtown ORBP) because 2/3rds of Louisville voters are registered Democrats.

  8. Heiner–Idea. —– Fischer-Idea. Excuse me, but is there an echo in this campaign? And yes, I like the Neighborhoods Site. Just wait a few days….you know.

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