Greg Fischer’s Got A New Ice Machine Ad

Greg Fischer’s got a new campaign ad, released today, focusing on SerVend and that ice machine he used to say he invented and co-invented.

You’ll recall that at the Ham Breakfast at the Kentucky State Fair, Fischer said the busing plan is best left up to the school board, not the mayor’s office. And he said, “people are disappointed to see a mayoral candidate participate in an area that he has no control over, in this case, the Jefferson County Public Schools,” and is now doing the very same thing. He even went so far as to argue that Hal Heiner was meddling with a school board matter, which reflected poor leadership. My, how the tides have turned.

Now it’s back to saying he co-invented the ice machine. Which means, despite the Fischer campaign constantly attacking my message during the primary, that I was right. Imagine that.

Here’s proof:

You’ll note there’s no mention that the machine was actually invented by the guy (Jerry Landers) his dad bought the company from and Fischer got to add himself to the patent, as we’ve previously reported.

Here’s more on that:

Will he revise the story of the Inc Magazine award and use it in a commercial, too?

9 thoughts on “Greg Fischer’s Got A New Ice Machine Ad

  1. My God: George’s son does the soft shoe better than Harvey Sloane ever did. He can dance with the ‘best of them.’ I suggest that he get out of the race for Mayor and get in one of those dance contests on TV. Maybe he could find a woman from the Happy Pants Administration (like Mershon or somebody) and win a prize.

  2. Greg needs to send out a memo to his minions to change their spin. My facebook wall was covered with “The mayor can’t do anything about schools”-graffiti only a week ago. Besides, he’s not got a REAL plan to do anything here. Had he co-opted San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s “Kindergarten To College Savings Program”- I might be impressed. But oops, that wouldn’t be “More of the same.”

  3. I wonder if the Fischer campaign realizes that these minions who are spending all this time trashing Heiner are actually having the effect of pushing the community’s opinion leaders toward Heiner.

  4. The mayor may not be legally responsible for the schools, but he has a MORAL responsibility to the children of the community to see that they receive the best possible education. Where does he think the workers and taxpayers of the future are going to come from? His continuing to deny any responsibility for the schools reveals a stunning lack of leadership.

  5. Vertner: You’re on target — and guess what — copycat Fischer has NOW joined Hal Heiner in running an ad AGAINST the JCPS ‘assignment plan’ (a/k/a busing) AFTER criticizing Heiner’s position just a week ago. George’s son should be nicknamed “PollyParrot.”

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