Govt Dept Offered For Political Endorsement

That’s how Hal Heiner’s mayoral campaign just titled their press release:

Just fifteen days before the election Greg Fischer is giving us a sneak peek into how his administration would operate. In order to get his political opponent, Jackie Green, out of the race, he entered into written negotiations to turn over the power and authority of a new government agency in exchange for political support.

“On Friday my opponent sent a clear message to the community about how he plans to run the mayor’s office,” stated Hal Heiner. “Negotiating the makeup of governmental departments behind closed doors in an attempt to secure an endorsement is the same old politics that has kept Louisville behind for so long. I’ve spent 7 years on the Metro Council fighting for open government and was able to crack open the door on transparency with the passage of As mayor I will continue to fight for the taxpayers and let the sun shine in. Today I call on Greg Fischer to release all documents drafted between the Fischer and Green campaigns so that the public can see exactly what they’re paying for. We should never forget government exists to serve the people, not the self interest of a political campaign”


UPDATE: Whattya know?

Looks like Greg Fischer broke state law in promising a job to Jackie Green in exchange for his endorsement.

121.055 – Candidates prohibited from making expenditure, loan, promise, agreement or contract as to action when elected, in consideration for vote.

No candidate for nomination or election to any state, county, city or district office shall expend, pay, promise, loan or become liable in any way for money or other thing of value, either directly or indirectly, to any person in consideration of the vote or financial or moral support of that person. No such candidate shall promise, agree or make a contract with any person to vote for or support any particular individual, thing or measure, in consideration for the vote or the financial or moral support of that person in any election, primary or nominating convention, and no person shall require that any candidate make such a promise, agreement or contract.

Ruh ro.

Guess Jackie’s naïveté got him caught.

Fischer camp will foam at the mouth in 3, 2…

28 thoughts on “Govt Dept Offered For Political Endorsement

  1. The difference between the current administration and the Fischer camp is practical experience. Jare Bear would have told the other party to keep their ths shut…

    How ’bout them apples?

    I hope Heiner can pull it out, and I still can’t believe I would ever pull for a Republican like this.

  2. The difference between the current administration and the Fischer camp is practical experience.

    Jare Bear would have simply told the other party to keep their mouths shut…

    How ’bout them apples?

    I hope Heiner can pull it out, and I still can’t believe I would ever pull for a Republican like this.

  3. Do emails count as “written negotiations” in Kentucky?
    If it was a crime, I’d say the majority of the blame lies clearly with the most-experienced politician with the most resources and expert staff.

  4. FYI – this could be a Class B felony.

    People in Eastern Kentucky go to prison for this shit every five seconds.

    I expect the Republican Party of Kentucky to take action, though Heiner’s folks will probably just sit on their hands.

  5. “Significant input” isn’t a job offer. In any case, I just think you’re naive if you don’t think endorsements don’t come with a quid pro quo is all.

  6. Jumping in late — didn’t Green ask for the position as head of the agency, and Fischer’s camp told him No? Isn’t that why it became “significant input”?

    Not sure “we’ll let you have input into what the agency does” is the same as “we’ll put you on the payroll.”

    Jackie got something he wanted — the opportunity to have his issues addressed. That was what he wanted when he ran, anyway.

  7. “He has demonstrated a willingness to think through the issue … and listen to other ways of doing things,” Allen said of Heiner. “This isn’t just about the bridges, it’s about how we make decisions in this community … about how we do or don’t get things accomplished.”

    Oh hey, sounds like Heiner will listen to input. Put him in the stocks!

  8. If there was no agreement, which Jackie said in the mainstream he’d received drafts of, why not release the emails?

    Why is the Fischer camp withholding? Why is Jackie Green withholding?

    What’s there to hide?

  9. WoW! What’s the CJ goin’ to do now? Their candidate may have cut a ‘deal’ that’s against the law. Seems like I recall them going ‘into orbit’ over Jim King’s ‘allegedlyl illegal’ campaign contribution to his daughter 2 years ago. Let’s see if the shoe fits in this instance. Wanna bet on it?????

  10. I think we are forgetting that both Green and Fischer may have broken the Law “and no person shall require that any candidate make such a promise, agreement or contract.” Those emails Green sent sound like he was demanding just such a thing.
    We now have the Fischergreen two headed Blogo monster.

  11. Never thought I’d ever read, much less comment on your blog again (you’d delete it anyway), but by golly you have proven that you really do value substance over partisan political horse hockey. It’s a beautiful thing.

  12. In the early 1980’s Carl Brown campaigned (I think as a republican) for C County Commissioner, promising to reduce his pay if elected. Although he won the election, he subsequently lost the office for promising “money for votes” due to this campaign promise

  13. Seems to me that if they were exchanging emails or phone conversations and Jackie Green admitted to receiving a job offer, this is vote buying and someone needs to go to jail and that is the person who made the offer of a specific job in exchange for dropping out of the race. Time for some of these people to get jail time. Which is why the good ole boy club in Louisville is all about getting Fischer into office. That way he can cover up the crimes of Mayor Happy Pants

  14. Like they say everyone has a price and Jackie Green has a price as well. Seems that he announced it that he would get a job in exchange for dropping out. Another crooked shenanigan by the Fischer campaign.

  15. Greg Fischer is through. What has happened to him is what happens when you run a campaign with syncopant Happy Pantsers, who have never participated in a contested election, and a campaign manager from Providence, Rhode Island. Tragedy — yes. Expected — yes. Why was it expected — the local newspaper anointed a Democratic candidate because he was a Harvey Sloane/Happy Pants replacement. Louisville requires something more, now.

  16. Here’s a thought: Why would Green drop out of a mayoral race where his views were getting considerable attention to only be able to provide input to a new government department that may not even be formed? After all, the Metro Council would have to pass an ordinance, wouldn’t they? And wouldn’t they have to pass it over the cries of many in the community about government expansionism in a time of financial crisis? City government can’t even fund the likely more needed neighborhoods office.

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