From Last Night’s Schnitzelburg Meeting

Greg Fischer showed up at the monthly Schnitzelburg Aera Community Council meeting last night.

And here’s what he said:

  • He helped invent the ice machine
  • Won a national award, almost won an international one
  • Usual job creation lines, restoring the Urban District services

No mention of Jackie Greene.


1 thought on “From Last Night’s Schnitzelburg Meeting

  1. Both he and Heiner also went to the Metro Council for Disabilities forum on Monday evening. Fischer didn’t say much, but did emphasize jobs. Heiner emphasized that his relatives with disabilities will make him more in-tune with the needs of people with disabilities. Both left early, but Fischer left first.

    Also attending was some other candidates, mostly judicial (some of whom also took the Heiner route and emphasized their relatives — Ed Martin even mentioned that he is legally deaf). Even Billy Ray Wilson, the write-in candidate for US Senate, was there. His answer to what he would do first for people with disabilities was to get Congress to kick out all congressmen with dual citizenship (in other words, he changed the subject). No mention that he is a holocaust denier.

    Katie King actually gave a good speech. I was surprising impressed.

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