Fischer’s Latest Ad Is Completely Dishonest

Wow. Greg Fischer’s latest ad is completely dishonest. He says A Kentucky Newspaper cleared him. Unfortunately, we all know that’s not based in reality. And we know that paper initially only told half the story.

Fischer is effectively using a story that the paper knew wasn’t complete when it published it as vindication. You’ve all seen that reporter’s meltdowns on various websites for a week.

And you wonder why Louisville can’t have nice things.

4 thoughts on “Fischer’s Latest Ad Is Completely Dishonest

  1. The C-J tells the truth???Who in their RIGHT mind is going to believe that?? This is laughable..
    Greg was caought with his pants down and the media pulls them up for him…Seriously, this is a joke!

  2. Greg Fischer for Mayor: Because reality, like the law, is optional.
    Since the allegation was, um, criminal misconduct, does Greg Fischer really believe “A Kentucky Newspaper” & it’s Barney Fife-esque investigators have the authority to absolve him?

  3. This ad comes from a guy promising an “open government”.


    From my latest screed on Louisville History & Issues that compares the candidates on matters of transparency:

    “First, the Fischer camp was slow with releasing related e-mails (the Heiner camp moved quickly). Second, the same newspaper that will highly likely endorse Fischer released a story that covered only Fischer’s side of the story, ignoring the Green campaign e-mails released by the LEO and The ‘Ville Voice. Third, when accused, the Fischer camp accuses the Heiner camp of the same misdeed (granting “input” in exchange for an endorsement) when the Green camp e-mails suggested more than mere input was involved. The Fischer camp somehow convinced Metro Council President Tom Owen to commit an act of naked partisanship by saying Tyler Allen was promised “input” by Heiner; Allen has categorically denied this and there is no evidence beyond Owen’s hearsay testimony. Fourth, the Fischer camp has not done the “open government thing” and welcomed an investigation of potential wrongdoing. And today, the Fischer campaign is acting like the Courier-Journal, which presented a one-sided story, has “cleared” Fischer, as if a newspaper can clear him short of an investigation.”

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