Fairness, LMPD, Electeds & Others Against Hate

Tomorrow at 10:30, the Fairness Campaign, several state representatives, members of religious groups and Louisville Metro Police will hold a press conference in Germantown.

The goal? To speak out against anti-gay burglaries that occurred in the neighborhood.

Here are details from Fairness:

Following two identical burglaries and acts of vandalism against gay couples in the Germantown and Original Highlands neighborhoods last month, the Louisville Metro Police Department will join the Fairness Campaign, area clergy, and state and local elected officials–State Representative Jim Wayne (35th District), Councilman David Tandy (4th District), and a representative of Councilman Tom Owen (8th District)–to make a bold statement against anti-gay hate crimes in the city. The joint announcement will be made Wednesday, October 20, 10:30 a.m. before the home of Bob Cundiff, a victim of the second burglary…

The two crimes, committed within a week and a half and less than a mile of one another, were identical in their destruction of the couples’ property. Each home was vandalized with bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, and liquid food items destroying furniture, clothing and electronics. Metro Police continue to investigate the crimes, and have reviewed all break-ins from the region, determining identical burglaries have not been committed against heterosexual couples or single individuals. The perpetrators have not yet been caught, but when they are, they may face the additional penalties associated with hate crimes under state, local, and federal laws, including extended prison terms and additional fines.

I think this is significant for LMPD to speak up. Yet more proof that we do, indeed, have good cops in this city.

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  1. Where’s Jim King..? Isn’t Germantown his district? Guess he’s out campaigning against Ken Herndon. Several David James yard signs in King’s district on Eastern Parkway.

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