Fairness Leader Pushes Heiner Hit Piece

By now, you’re all aware that the Fairness Campaign has spent ample time attacking Hal Heiner’s ignorant and stupid position on the actual Fairness Ordinance – something of which he’d have no control over as mayor and has promised to support and leave in place.

But here’s the latest:

Fairness leader Chris Hartman promoting the hit piece. Rather than focus on a race that matters – like that of John Yarmuth – or any number of legislative races on the state level? That’s what Fairness does. I’d ask them why they’re promoting something so disgusting and slanted, but I’m sure he’d blow it off like they did with required paid-for-by language on Fairness campaign materials and videos until I informed them that a complaint was in the works from Republicans unless the disclaimer situation was remedied. An unprofessional embarrassment the gays just didn’t need.

Sadly, half the gays in this city who are just beginning to vote believe that if Fairness says it, it must be true. And you wonder why I’m skeptical about 50% of the time when that organization is involved.

Gays complaining that I don’t drink enough of the carb-laden Fairness Kool-Aid in 3, 2…

P.S. Why does Greg Fischer refuse to post the Fairness/C-FAIR endorsement on his campaign website?

8 thoughts on “Fairness Leader Pushes Heiner Hit Piece

  1. Fairness is unwittingly pushing a major sympathy vote for Heiner. Perhaps I should keep quiet about this, as I proudly support Heiner.

    Also, this is a pretty good opportunity to ask why CFAIR/Fairness is trying so hard to push a starkly inferior candidate down our throats, just because Fischer has a penchant for pandering to gays, while dismissing the very wide variety of the city’s core issues which Heiner is clearly much better positioned to deal with.

  2. I can somewhat understand Fairness’s opposition to Heiner. I can see where they are coming from. But the fact that they keep pushing Fischer is mindboggling to me.

    Fischer refuses to give same-sex benefits to his employees. Fischer sold his ice-machine company to a corporation that scored a ZERO on the HRC Corporate Equality Index. If Fischer really cared about LGBT issues, would these things have happened?

    Fact is, both of them have said they would support the current Fairness ordinance but neither one will try to further LGBT issues. The difference between the two is that Heiner will tell you that to your face. Fischer only talks about you behind your back.

  3. Fairness SHOULD be opposed to Heiner. But open to pushing him in the right direction. Not dividing.

    And they SHOULD be working to aid John Yarmuth and other candidates they allegedly support and care about.

  4. The post that Heiner as Mayor would have no influence over the Fairness Ordinance is blatantly and knowingly false. The Mayor appoints the members of the Human Relations Commission, which is the body empowered to enforce the ordinance. Can you say Commissioner Frank Simon? Maybe that’s what Hal means by leaving it in place.

  5. I supported Fairness for years and have contributed a lot to them. I still support them, but they should consider the best interests of Louisville as well as Gay Rights. They have educated many and will continue to.

    Over the past month I have discussed the bridge issue with a dozen friends and almost half have said they would change their vote to Heiner. After understanding that the downtown bridge would greatly damage Louisville for a century or more they agreed that it was riskier to vote for Fischer who is in favor of building the downtown bridge.

    Sometimes our personal interests must come second.

  6. I’m such a rabid gay that I foam at the mouth. Still support Fairness.

    But gays can be closed-minded and don’t always practice what they preach. And in my opinion, Fairness is ignoring more important races to pander in the Fischer mess.

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