Election Day Can’t Come Quickly Enough, Right?

Rand Paul leads Jack Conway 53 to 40 in the latest data from Public Policy Polling in the U.S. Senate race. [Page One

This is tough for me to discuss, so I’m merely linking to it. The family of Francene Cucinello filed a wrongful death suit against Norton Hospital. [FatLip]

Wonder when the Gannett beast will take responsibility for its reporter outing a confidential source? I haven’t heard a peep. Maybe they’re waiting to hop on here to call me a liar again so I can post screenshots proving them wrong again? Or maybe they’ve gotta focus all their attention on keeping the Chris Otts/GLI/Abramson story from seeing the light of day? [Failures In Journalism]

Jeff Donahue was removed from the ballot because he’s not qualified. The Democratic Party should have removed him when it had the chance. Say hell to Rep. Wade Hurt. Oh, and Wade: It’s Democratic Party, not Democrat Party. [Deep Dem Failure]

Jack Conway’s office referred the Greg Fischer case to the Kentucky State Police for investigation. There’s evidence in the Fischer case, but none in the Heiner allegations. KSP will get to the bottom of it. [FatLip & WFPL]

The Sierra Club has endorsed John Yarmuth, Marty Meyer, Jim Wayne and fraud/soon-to-be-mayor Greg Fischer. [Sierra Club]

Was gonna write a story about how Greg Fischer didn’t answer any of these survey questions, but Jonathan Meador already did. [More FatLip]

Why is Greg Fischer hiding a traffic accident that resulted in his car being totaled? [Curt Morrison]

Rachel Platt is continuing the lie that Greg Fischer invented an ice and beverage machine. As we all know, that’s not true. Rachel knew it wasn’t true and WHAS aired it anyway. [WHAS11]

17 thoughts on “Election Day Can’t Come Quickly Enough, Right?

  1. Who is Chris Ott? Why not disclose what you all DO know about the Chris Ott/GLI/Abramson story that’s being ‘covered-up’ by the CJ. The ‘cover-up’ doesn’t surprise me, but if it’s a REAL GANGBUSTER OF A STORY why not try to break it HERE?

  2. Rather than anonymously attack, as you’re prone to do, you should pay attention before commenting.

    We’ve never said that Chris Ott is to blame. It’s his bosses holding the story. So don’t lob accusations.

    I have revealed what we know about the story. Here. On this very website.

  3. Jake: All you needed to do was to supply your FINAL PARAGRAPH. All I want to know is WHO IS CHRIS OTT. I don’t know and would like to know — particularly IF you know.
    Your carom shot at me was unnecessary — particularly when I’ve been one of the most highly praised contributors to your blog amongst the others who contribute regularly.
    Snide shots diminish your credibility when all you have to do is answer a question that a responsible participant asks of you.

  4. Google him. Or search this site. He’s a well-respected reporter for the local paper.

    It’s not a shot and was wholly necessary. I own this website. You frequently offer attacks anonymously.

    I hit the right wingers for it and I hit the left.

  5. Thanks for your information.
    With regard to your continuing comment about my participation (which you apparently don’t appreciate and have defined as ‘attacks’), I’m sorry but I am withdrawing from your blog. Sorry, Novena and blowin’ in the wind and some of the others whose ‘critical analysis’ of the days’ events and their concise commentary I’ve enjoyed — but this ‘thing’ has gotten too peculiar. Peculiar in the sense that it’s OK for the blog owner to criticize and assess motives of others and correspondingly seek comment upon that, etc., but then those who also participate in the same analysis are periodically criticized for doing it. Good day.

  6. Greg was on Mandy’s show this morning explaining his Ice machine invention again. Your website was named directly calling him out on this. He denied and spun it as a co-invention between him and his partner.

    I say whatever on that issue, but I did want to say thanks for being on top of this story.

    I know your left and you know I am right. That being said you should watch out, “Fair and Balanced” might include The Ville Voice if you’re not carful.

  7. I always say you shouldn’t read it if you don’t like it and I stand by that.

    But pointing out that you anonymously attack – you do – is hardly something personal. You either stand by what you have to say and use your name or you don’t.

  8. I also appreciate Jake’s reporting on the ice/drink dispensing machine matter.

    I covered some of my own angles on the story over at Louisville History & Issues (shameless plug). The most recent angle, which is an extension of Jake’s most recent report, is that I found out that the first patent for a machine that dispensed both ice and drinks was issued in 1958, 29 years prior to Fischer’s co-invention of an apparatus for improving on such a machine.

  9. There has been an update to Curt Morrisons inquiry on Ficshers Facebook page–they deleted his request. I mean if they are covering up something as little as a traffic accident, what would they do if the shit really hit the fan? I sure hope he doesn’t have the opportunity to show us–or not show us.

  10. Phil:If current polling is correct, Greg Ficsher will be the next Mayor.

    And as Mayor he will help me out some, I will not need to buy tickets to Ringling Brothers any more to see a show.

  11. Greg was giggling today with Mandy. He never laughs, so….. I think he thinks’s, that he’s got this thing wrapped up.

  12. chip, the next mayor, no matter who it is, will face the most strident, probing, independent news media a mayor of Louisville has ever faced. Whether that candidate as mayor invites everyone’s eyes into their “open government” or not, it shall be forced upon them.

    I hope voters consider which candidate is most prepared to deal with this reality.

  13. Billy Taylor, looks like those polls were a little outdated so lets keep the support strong and we won’t need to find out!

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