3rd District Congressional Debate Highlghts

Last night, Rep. John Yarmuth, Ed Martin, Todd Lally and Michael Hansen appeared on KET’s Kentucky Tonight to debate the issues in the 3rd U.S. Congressional race. You should definitely check KET’s archive to review the entire hour-long program. It’s worth your while. If you don’t have the time, however, here are my favorite moments from the debate:

Interesting to see Lally misrepresent Yarmuth’s voting record, isn’t it?

Equally interesting for Lally to claim he needs to protect “straight rights” in the military while Martin explains Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell needs to disappear – using the Israeli and British militaries as examples. “Only” 13,000 people have been discharged under DADT – about a quarter of the size of force that will remain in Iraq, if that tells you anything. There’s apparently some kind of gay conspiracy with Barack Obama, if you were unaware, and that means you can’t trust military leaders who report to the President.

Note the manner in which Lally repeatedly uses hearsay to defend his opinions. Particularly on veterans issues and Yarmuth’s health care town hall.

Beyond Lally’s belief that there’s no such thing as gender discrimination when it comes to women in the workforce – never mind that 25% of women earn less than men for the same jobs – Lally’s got a history of standing against women in general. Take, for instance, what he had to say on a recent WFPL radio appearance, during which he said he opposes abortion in the case of rape and incest:

Lally’s supporters are obviously entitled to their beliefs and opinions. As are Yarmuth’s.

Some of those beliefs are just unbelievable extreme and unintelligent.

Honestly, I was alarmed when Lally started speaking out against the police earlier in his candidacy. But to hear him question Admiral Mullen’s role in leading our nation’s military by calling him Barack Obama’s puppet is absurd.

It’s one of the many reasons the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Yarmuth about an hour ago: “Congressman John Yarmuth received our endorsement for his continued efforts to work with Law Enforcement on the local and state levels,” said Michael Jones, President of the State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police. “We look forward to a continued partnership with him as the 3rd District Congressman over the next two years.”

Getting beyond his apparent character, if you can, his policies are interesting. He doesn’t have any idea what sort of reform this country needs – he wants to take a wait-n-see approach. When he’s asked to substantiate claims against Yarmuth, he can’t. But he’s all for transparency, freedom and liberty.

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  1. Todd apparently does not know much about the military. In the military you can be charged with improper behavior up to an article 15 for Public Displays of Affection or PDA. Hetero sexuals already are held accountable for public behavior as a member of the military.

    It is a no brainer that this would be applied equally for homosexuals as well.

    Bottom line is that if someone is openly gay and uses a public display of affection the UCMJ applies that now as it does for any military member.

    It was a pathetic attempt by Lally to discriminate based on his argument.

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