Oh, The Things We Hear…

A Kentucky Newspaper is sitting on a three-day series that focuses on the alleged failings of GLI and its relationship with Jerry Abramson’s office. At least, that’s what I hear from several sources in local media.

We also hear, despite claims that the story wasn’t complete, that it has been finished for a while.

If this is true, why would the paper of record sit on such a major story until after election day?

10 thoughts on “Oh, The Things We Hear…

  1. The “newspaper of record” is doing it for the same reasons the Kentucky Department of Education is sitting on the list of schools in trouble until November 8 after the school board elections. At least six more JCPS high schools are in big trouble. Both the newspaper investigation and the list of schools should be published before the election.

  2. Would not want to do that because the Super is trying to calm the waters so he can try and save his contract. I would hate to think the way I am judge on the job I do is by manipulating folks and not by the actual work I do. The CJ protects them because turmoil is better to write about than if someone actually came in and fixed the problem. No problems – nothing to write about. Berman is in over his head and just isn’t the right person for the job. No need to name call or disrespect. Sometimes you just aren’t the right person for the job and nothing more. Time for a change or the same old for another 12 months.

  3. Let’s guess, shall we?
    Iroquois, Valley, Doss, Fairdale, Waggener, Moore, and Seneca.
    I know you only said six, blowin’, but Seneca was the site for JCTA rally,something must be up there, so it was included for good measure with a whopping 38% proficient in reading and math combined. And Jerry knew about Seneca when he did his last mayor conversation there. Wouldn’t that have been embarrasing for him to be at his alma mater and have it be reported as a failing school?

    That leaves J’Town, PRP, Atherton, Butler, Ballard and Eastern as the remaining resides high schools that aren’t failing….yet. And of course our private public high schools Brown, Male, and Manual, which are where all of the district elmployees children attend schoool if they aren’t in private schools like Jack Jacobs kids.

  4. The answer is simple. Heiner has called for a diminished role of GLI and has said that HE would be in charge of recruiting businesses to Louisville with GLI as a cabinet instead of ‘stand-alone.’ Fisher has said NOTHING (about that EITHER). A story NOW would provide justification for Heiner’s position on GLI and business recruiting.

  5. The timing of issuing these reports nor in accurately reporting the Fischer/Green deal would conflict with the CJ’s pending endorsement of Greg Fischer. That is the correct answer.

  6. Close but not 100 percent, citizen. One of them squeaked out by the skin of its teeth. And you missed one completely. Even several of the group of resides schools you mention are not in good shape. If KDE weren’t cutting off at an arbitrary number, only about 25 percent of high schools would be performing at acceptable levels. Don’t even mention the middle and elementary schools! The decline over the last three years is unbelievable.

  7. Where can one review the results of each school? My kids are 3 1/2 and 2 years old. Our resides schools are Hite, Crosby and Eastern. I’d like to see how those schools faired.

  8. James H, go to the CJ, click on “news” in top banner, then click on “data” in the banner that appears below it. When database comes up, scroll down to JCPS test scores. They are by school. The CJ database is easier to use than the JCPS one.

  9. James H – More info at education.ky.gov, then click on the OPEN HOUSE picture on the right hand side of the page.

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