Todd Lally: On The Gays & Corporations

Todd Lally supports extending the rights of people to corporations. Like Cordish Cos, for instance.

But doesn’t support providing equal rights to people – if they’re gay. The 13,000+ patriots that have been discharged from the military, for instance.

Big time cognitive disconnection?

I’m still trying to find out what “openly gay behavior” is. If anyone knows, please tell us in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Todd Lally: On The Gays & Corporations

  1. This shouldn’t be hard for you to understand, fruitcake. Anyone with any sense to them knows what gay behavior is. Do you really need someone to spell it out for you? And you call everyone else idiots…

  2. its like asking a black person to not be black in public… seriously, when he says “gay behavior” he’s repeating the mantra that all extreme conservatives think – that gays are hyper sexualized deviants… at least thats what Lally thinks.

  3. Yes, spell it out.

    What’s gay behavior?

    Oral sex? Wearing makeup? Playing football? Lifting weights? Butt fucking? Having a limp wrist? A deep voice? Watching The Office? Screaming “Guuuuuurl” really loudly?


  4. When I was a teenager, I was approached by several gay men asking me if I wanted sex, so apparently not even gays know correctly who is gay or not.
    I was raped by a gay man when I was 19 while visiting Winnepeg, Canada. That is “openly gay behavior” that should be outlawed whether in the military or not.
    Just as a lot of anti-religious people hate religious people because of the acts of a few over-zealous advocates, a lot of anti-gay people dislike gay people because of the acts of people such as I have experienced.
    To answer your question, Jake, openly asking for gay sex or forcing it is “gay behavior”, and should not be allowed in the military. (To be fair, openly asking for heterosexual sex should not be allowed either.)

  5. I hope you’re not suggesting that it’s the norm for gay people to rape and/or force sex.

    And for the record, I don’t know any gayfolk who want to have sexytime with gross straight guys. I think it’s only people like Todd who believe gays wanna get all up on him. Weird, weird ego and sense of self.

  6. P.S. If I didn’t already think you were mentally at an incapacity, I’d give you a harder time.


    You’re full of shit for suggesting that rape has anything to do with sexual orientation. It’s even more homophobic to suggest that gays just troll around asking for sex from random guys.

  7. “I was raped by a gay man when I was 19 while visiting Winnepeg, Canada. That is “openly gay behavior” that should be outlawed whether in the military or not.”

    Anonymous, I am sorry that you were assaulted, and hope that you have had the support you need in dealing with such a fucked up thing. I, too, was raped by a man when I was a teenager. I was a heterosexual girl who was raped by a heterosexual man. This is not “openly straight behavior” any more than what you surmise is “openly gay behavior.” This is criminal, predator behavior. If you cannot tell the difference, then I think it is time that you take a step back from things and consider talking to a professional about this. What happened to you is not your fault. What happened to you is not the fault of the gay community. What happened to you is the fault of your assailant, and his alone, and as a sexual assault survivor and a straight LGBT ally, I find it very disturbing that you associate sexual assault with “teh gayz.”

  8. Lally is simply an immature asshole who is still living back in middle school. I just want to know why he won’t deny that he’s had gay experiences.

  9. A Woman:

    Thank you for your comments. It moves me to tears when common sense creeps onto the comment section.

    (Cool down, Jake. Common sense **rules** in your words. It’s just sometimes the comment section starts mouth breathing.)

  10. I’m still surprised Lally keeps bringing up the evil filthy gays as a campaign issue. Does he think he’s running in a different district than the one that contains Louisville? Given how many conservative hate-mongering nutjobs who have been caught with dicks in their mouths lately, you’d think that association alone would make him afraid of making such a fuss about us.

  11. Its quite a bit different to be gay and have a relationship with someone versus having sex. Hell, straight people have sex and so do gay people. That doesn’t mean that gay people are out doing it in the open. Sure they might be showing affection or frisky but that doesn’t mean their involved in public. Anyone having sex in public is committing a crime whether it be gay or straight. Being raped by someone who is straight or gay, has nothing to do with their sexual orientation. It has all to do with brute power force, and criminality.

    I guess Lally and his Stone Age neanderthals in rural KY still think that someone getting it on is their business and they’ll determine what we do legally behind closed doors. Sorry this isn’t the day of the blue laws or of legislating morality, those days have long passed. But I guess these people that call themselves Republiklans are more interested about gay sex than fixing the multitude of economic and social problems created by dirty old men in Congress that are more interested in fussing about gays than fixing the country and its problems in the economic sphere, job market, drug abuses, healthcare, education, etc.

    Its strange too that they continue to make an issue out of it, but weren’t a whole lot of their colleagues the ones that were complaining about gays and then it turns around they get caught in the bathroom either foot tapping or some other extracurricular activity.

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