These Next Few Days…

Campaign season is in high gear and over the next few days both sides will be going 100 miles per hour.

So, if you notice any hijinks or shady crap – Democratic or Republican – be sure to contact us at our Tips address. Photos, videos, whatever you’ve got. The same also applies if you see anything super-positive or heart warming.

And more importantly, on Tuesday, please do your part and cast a vote. It doesn’t matter who you support. Just go do it. If you’ve got elderly friends, relatives, neighbors? Ask them if they need help getting to their polling location.

Click here if you live in Jefferson County and need to see a sample ballot.

Part Of That GLI Story The Paper Withheld

LEO Weekly has taken a look at part of the GLI story that A Kentucky Newspaper has withheld, for whatever reason.

Here’s a bit:

Over the last decade, Louisville’s job market has been bleeding, with little real aid. And critics point to lethargy in Greater Louisville Inc., as the leading culprit.


[S]ome in the business community think the city’s chamber of commerce, Greater Louisville Inc., and their unwillingness to change or challenge regulations integral to business expansion is to blame for the sustained hemorrhaging, and could stand in the way of the next mayor’s lofty goals.

“Nobody wants to address this, including the Kentucky chamber of commerce and GLI,” says Bill Stone, owner of Louisville Plate Glass and member of GLI’s governmental affairs steering committee. “I think they’re concerned about pissing off the existing office holders who may get re-elected or stick around, and that is the problem. In order for a chamber of commerce … to be successful, there has to be a level of adversarial relationship with government. They have no adversarial relationship with government. None.”


“I think GLI is concerned that what they’ll do will upset the Mayor’s Office,” Stone continues. “And I think that’s more of a GLI perception than any desire of the Mayor’s Office. But I think their board is very concerned, their executives are very concerned to not upset the city, because if they do, then they will receive less money and the labor unions will be angry. So what?”


“I was comfortable with what (GLI was) doing,” Downard says. ”And I was comfortable with the way they were doing it and the efforts that were made. But I noticed the same thing that’s being said: The mayor got involved at the end for the press conference instead of being on the front-end saying (to companies) ‘You need to come here, you need to be in Louisville, and here’s why.’ That’s my observation.”

Nothing earth-shattering, but be sure to read the rest.

Seems the old Abramson guard and the new Fischer crew – the same people – are just complacent.

The Two Jackie Greens Must Hate Each Other

Jackie Green is now using his campaign – actual resources that have value – to push Greg Fischer.

Here’s his latest anti-Heiner email blast:

Subject: Still undecided?

Here are six things to consider….

1) The organizations and individuals that surround Fischer are more progressive than Heiner’s advisers. It is those organizations and persons who will influence the next administration.

2) Fischer views the central business district as of greater importance than does Heiner. The heart of a city must be healthy.

3) Fischer’s perspective on social issues is more fitting for the twenty-first century.

4) ‘Sustainability’ as an important indicator of our city’s health is on Fischer’s radar. (Heiner’s campaign has mistakenly made much over that Office.)

5) Heiner’s southern Indiana commercial concerns will influence his prioritizing an east end bridge over public transit.

6) Fischer is better connected to the establishment that will be needed to change Louisville’s course. If Louisville is to change course, those connections will be important.

Seems like it was just yesterday Jackie was saying the opposite. Oh, wait…

Here’s betting Jackie has no clue his campaign will need to be paid by the Fischer camp for the use of his email distribution list or he’ll need to in-kind it to the campaign. And that he thinks anyone will take him seriously now that he’s sold out for a seat at the table and made an about face on everything he’s said the past year.

Fairness Leader Pushes Heiner Hit Piece

By now, you’re all aware that the Fairness Campaign has spent ample time attacking Hal Heiner’s ignorant and stupid position on the actual Fairness Ordinance – something of which he’d have no control over as mayor and has promised to support and leave in place.

But here’s the latest:

Fairness leader Chris Hartman promoting the hit piece. Rather than focus on a race that matters – like that of John Yarmuth – or any number of legislative races on the state level? That’s what Fairness does. I’d ask them why they’re promoting something so disgusting and slanted, but I’m sure he’d blow it off like they did with required paid-for-by language on Fairness campaign materials and videos until I informed them that a complaint was in the works from Republicans unless the disclaimer situation was remedied. An unprofessional embarrassment the gays just didn’t need.

Sadly, half the gays in this city who are just beginning to vote believe that if Fairness says it, it must be true. And you wonder why I’m skeptical about 50% of the time when that organization is involved.

Gays complaining that I don’t drink enough of the carb-laden Fairness Kool-Aid in 3, 2…

P.S. Why does Greg Fischer refuse to post the Fairness/C-FAIR endorsement on his campaign website?

Greg Fischer On Crime & Such In Louisville

Interesting flashbacks today. Since Greg and his executive pals at A Kentucky Newspaper are so keen on taking everything out of context and ignoring reality, here you go.

Greg Fischer’s seemingly autobiographic comments about money and buying anything you want – if you have enough money:

Greg Fischer on crime:

View two more videos after the jump…

Read moreGreg Fischer On Crime & Such In Louisville

You Read That Hypocritical Hit Piece Last Night?

If you haven’t seen last night’s story about the disgusting new low set by the Courier-Journal, you should take time to read it this morning. It’s obscene. I know reporters who would quit their job before being forced to push that mess out. I want my city’s newspaper to be good because it has resources and influence. But this is shameful. [The ‘Ville Voice

Like scary Louisville history? You probably need to win this book from me. [Enter Today]

The Louisville Artisans Guild is hosting a holiday showcase. [Consuming Louisville]

Rand Paul leads Jack Conway by ten thousand million points in the latest SurveyUSA poll. [Page One]

Look, even if Karen Sypher were innocent? I’d still hope she got locked up. Cause the more I have to hear about these crazy ass conspiracies of hers, the more I die a little inside. Filing a child abuse report against her ex-husband and Rick Pitino. Wow. If I had kids? I wouldn’t let them play with her kids. [FatLip]

Racist New Albany cop – who gives a bad name to is colleagues, sadly, 99.99% of whom are terrific – gets a 40-day suspension. [FOX 41]

If you haven’t been following our statewide side, here’s a look at the Kentucky Democratic Party’s embarrassingly awful ad about the curbstomp situation in the U.S. Senate race. [Joe Arnold]

Home of the Innocents opened its five new buildings on East Market. [WAVE3]

Greg Fischer says he’ll be at tonight’s Fat Friday shindig. So be sure to ask him about his traffic accident. About his son’s marijuana arrest. Why his campaign staff spends countless hours trashing innocent people. Why he hasn’t condemned the C-J’s hit piece. Why he hasn’t released the remaining 100 names of advisers. Maybe also ask why he’s lying about the damn ice machine – still. [Twitter]

Garson & Ivory Sink To Nasty New Low

You know I don’t like referring to the Courier-Journal and usually call it A Kentucky Newspaper – primarily because of reporters melting down in the comments here and on Page One and trashing me all over the place because I have actual ethics. Because a reporter flat-out called me a liar in the comments (I proved him wrong). Because another reporter is a plagiarist. Because a web editor freaked out over a photograph of a newspaper box. Because there have been countless occasions when editors at that shit stain of a paper haven’t had the guts to properly cite me, my publications or others who deserve to be referred to by their full names, with complete URLs.

But I’m done.

We all know Dan Klepal outed a confidential source named Tyler Hess – something for which he may have been forced to do. And he spread it on WFPL’s website. On LEO. On Facebook. Everywhere. And then everyone at the C-J freaked out when LEO dared to question his reporting.

Funny how C-J – specifically Klepal – freaked at LEO for daring to use a confidential source. He went on for hours about how the C-J would never use an anonymous source. And then uses one in this latest mess. A source I hear is affiliated with the Fischer campaign.

We all know the GLI-Mayor’s Office series by Chris Otts has been withheld until after the election.

We all know the Fischer endorsement came weirdly on a Wednesday to stave off the horrible SurveyUSA data.

We all know Greg Fischer is the paper’s chosen boy. Because Greg is the establishment. Backed by the very people who have invested in me. Because the paper is the establishment. Backed by the people who want to keep this city in the dark ages.

Look at this:

You see that? It’s a hit piece, written by Klepal, about how horrible Hal Heiner is for not disclosing his dead ex-wife. Got it? DEAD EX-WIFE.

Republican mayoral candidate Hal Heiner acknowledged Thursday that he neglected to inform The Courier-Journal during interviews about his private life that he married and divorced in the 1970s before marrying his current wife of 33 years.


Heiner married Beth Napier in 1971, at age 19.

The couple divorced in 1975. Napier is now deceased.


An acquaintance of Heiner contacted The Courier-Journal Thursday, expressing disappointment that the story did not mention Napier.

Why is this relevant five days before an election? The woman is dead. It’s not like he was hiding some big, dark secret. And a divorce? Really? What’s the divorce rate in this state, again?

Garson & Ivory – the folks who ordered this hit piece – owe Louisville an apology. Gannett should seriously punish them. And Gannett executives need to hop on their plane and fly down here – this weekend – and demand reporters’ notes to verify these alleged anonymous sources.

Here’s what I know:

  • Dan Klepal tells people he didn’t want to run this piece – Garson made him. So I can’t really hold it against him. Besides, it’s not his call to print something. So don’t go blaming him.
  • Ivory tells folks that nothing is out of bounds when it comes to mayoral politics.

And since the C-J has sunk to a new low, let’s start talking about everything we know. Here’s a taste, everything is already common knowledge, but the press is afraid to talk about it:

  • Greg Fischer’s son, George, was arrested last month for buying marijuana. He was let off and the dealer is being prosecuted. Go read all about it on And while we’re at it, let’s talk about how the kid caused a scene with Jim King’s campaign at the end of the primary. That’s definitely worth some new exploration.
  • Greg’s Caddy got wrecked recently and his campaign staff is working like crazy to keep that private.
  • Greg worked to bust up several unions at his companies.
  • Greg and his sister, Lynn, fought against unionization with the current arena behemoth downtown.
  • Greg also got hit with a lawsuit over collective bargaining at Cardinal Stadium.
  • Jerry Abramson’s son was pulled over while driving a city car. He also allegedly broke into a home with some pals and left his cell phone behind.

Should I go on? Since everything is fair game, according to the C-J.

This is absolutely disgusting. This is not journalism. This is propaganda. I encourage elected officials, journalists, reporters, media personalities, bloggers, Republicans, Democrats, observers to speak out about this crap.

Louisville cannot afford what the Courier-Journal is pushing as news any longer.