Yarmuth’s Working Against Conway’s Tax Ignorance

Enter for your chance to win two (2) free tickets to see “Dracula” at Actors Theatre in Louisville. If you haven’t experienced the entertainment gems in your own backyard, be sure to take part. [Page One]

Bon Appétit named Louisville a runner-up on America’s Foodiest Towns 2010 list. [Yahoo! Shine]

A special needs daycare center is coming to the area. [WAVE3]

Today at 11:30 the AFL-CIO/Kentucky Working Families will hold an event at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Louisville. The purpose? To discuss Rand Paul’s decision to just cold outsource everything – including his own campaign – to Sarah The Quitter Palin. [Press Release]

It’s a shame we don’t want to protect our water and natural resources in Kentucky. A damn shame. [H-L]

A Metro Council committee unanimously approved an anti-tolls resolution yesterday. [WFPL]

Yesterday, the Convention & Visitors Bureau sent out another press release promoting Sarah The Quitter Palin’s appearance at the gospel quartet convention. Promoting Palin. Again. Because that’s what we should be spending our tax dollars on, obviously. [Press Release]

If you’ve read the stories but want to read the release from John Yarmuth’s office about the library receiving $1.2 million in funding to increase computer access? Here’s you go. [Click the Clicky]

A double shooting at the intersection of Second and Liberty last night? Great. [FOX41]

Indiana State Police issued a 450-page report on the abuse allegations at the Harrison County, Indiana jail. [WHAS11]

Yesterday, John Yarmuth’s re-election campaign sent out a release about Todd Lally seeking help for millionaires. Because he supports extending the Bush tax cuts, just like misguided Jack Conway. [Press Release]

Even The Economist says Mitch McConnell’s support of the Bush tax cuts is bogus and his claims are unsubstantiated. Will Jack Conway ever wake up to realize just how wrong he is? [The Economist]

7 thoughts on “Yarmuth’s Working Against Conway’s Tax Ignorance

  1. It’s about time the Mayor ,” Mr Possibility” get his head out of the sand and realize that if Louisville is gonna enjoy the activity of a thriving downtown he’s gonna have to implement a safety and security plan like other cities to stop incidents like the shooting at 2nd & Liberty intersection.
    No way you can entice residents to want to move into a battle zone! The demographic of residents know that they can usually get away with activity like this and don’t think twice about pulling the trigger , because the lack of police present.
    For Gods sake this happened right smack in the middle of all the Major Hotels, two blocks south of the new Arena where thousands of pedestrians will be walking to attend the new Arena and visit entertainment in the area.Two blocks east of Fourth St.
    Why can’t , or Why won’t the city recognize that now they have spent Hundreds of Millions designing the so called entertainment district, it’s going to take a VISUAL PRESENCE of Police on the street to ensure a feeling of Safety 10pm till 4am on the nights that the entertainment district operates till 4am.
    Sure it’s going to cost! but if there was a Visual presence of stationed police strategically placed at corners of high traffic of the main corridors in the Entertainment district , that’s what will make more people feel comfortable to come to that area!
    Untill Safety in the area can be demonstrated and controlled it’ll be a struggle to convince people anything has changed, even with the spending Hundreds of Millions !
    With all the money spent trying to lure people downtown the City seems to keep forgetting the key Componet, SAFTEY.
    If they just took all the police cars at 4th street and deployed them on surronding corners in a matrix of about four square blocks, the accomplishment of a visual saftey grid could be implemented. The demonstration of being Pro-active instead of Re-active would be an intelligent thing to do.

  2. Everyone is spinning that tax cut thing. The Republicans are exaggerating the real-life impact to small businesses and the Democrats are over-hyping the cost.

    The Democrats love throwing around the $700B cost figure, but that’s over ten years. The Republicans are now pushing a 2-3 year extension, not a 10 year, so the $700B figure is still being used to make it sound bigger that it really is going to be.

    Conversely, the Republicans are over-estimating the real cost to small businesses. The reality is that a small business making $350K on their personal taxes is going to have $4,500 more taken by the government. That isn’t a life-changer in real dollars.

    Here’s the problem though, if the tax cut repeal were the only attack on small business costs, I don’t think it would be a big deal. As a small business owner myself, I can tell you that there is a psychological aspect to the repeal at this point. I, and many business owners I know, feel under attack by new regulations like health care, financial reform, and the buried until after the mid-term election Debt Commission almost certain tax increase or VAT recommendations.

    In much the same way $4+ gas prices irrationally motivated consumers to dump their paid-for SUVS and take on a new $450/mo car payment on a hybrid to save $75/mo in gas, the impact of the tax repeal could be more damaging than it really should be.

  3. The cars parked at 4SL are being paid for by 4SL, not the city. They aren’t on duty officers. I’d love to see how many reports of robberies, assaults, etc., occurr within, say, 6 blocks of 4SL, because I know there are a LOT more than people realize. I agree, we need an open, active, ON-DUTY police presence downtown if we really want people to feel safe walking around.

  4. Greg Fischer will put an END to all this violence in Louisville!! If he had been mayor, there would have been cops, who already had met the subjects at their neighborhood meetings, strolling by the scene and stopped this from happening.

  5. The folks at KFEC have a safety grid in place that does not require an army of police officers. When you attend an event there, you must pay to park inside a fenced in area. Don’t know of any one in my 40 years of attending events there that has ever been robbed or murdered while attending an event there.

    Keeping folks safe and feeling as safe as they do at KFEC should be the financial responsibility of the Arena Authority folks and not the tax payers.

  6. The cars parked at 4th street are paid with part of that $950,000 along with all the other millions that they have received from FREE forgivable $$$ from their partner Jerry. And while we’re at it, if that Money had been deployed to benefit the whole Entertainment distric downtown with a visual police presence, this type of thing might not happen as often!
    Also….This incident started at the club “PRIME” located on Main st. The word on the street is Daniel Covington had left after some altercation in the club, Possibly the reason he got shot at second & Liberty was , the shooters chased him down there as he was heading towards the I65 ramp?
    Who knows! How many incidents happen that you never hear about? Thats part of the unfortunate spin that is controlled by our city !….This type of thing is a Huge! black eye for the whole city downtown.
    I’d think David Tandy , Councilman in that district should get Attentive! as to developing a plan to implement a SAFTEYplan to insure some VISUAL Police Presence in the Whole Entertainment District, It’s not like THAT hasn’t been suggested before.!
    If the City can Give MILLIONS away to spur all the development, are they so nearsighted that they can’t see Comfort & Saftey are the KEY Issue?
    Last, I feel horrible for the loss of such a young man, how terrible a waste that some bullshit argument in a bar escalates to this!.
    Had the policy of using uniform police inside bars other then 4th street , it’s possible this could have been prevented at the start of the altercation .

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