Woah, Frankfort Avenue Is Now Crazy Excited

Do you need a temporary job the last week of October? These guys need a driver for a super-secret project. [Paulick Report]

It’s a shame Hal Heiner wouldn’t answer questions about whether he’d veto domestic partner benefits as mayor. Last night’s “debate” was awful on all fronts and it proved the city has no solid leader for the future. Greg Fischer may be the worst candidate the Democrats have put forth in decades, but at least he has the guts not to run from the gays. Runs from honesty and transparency, true, but not the gays. [Gag]

Go watch this terrific web documentary called Detroit Lives and tell me you don’t feel a whole lot of Louisville in those shots. But in a good way. [Palladium Boots]

Are you gonna Take Back The Night this evening at the University of Louisville? [WFPL]

The gays are just cold going insane over the revelation that the Scissor Sisters will be opening for Lady Gaga on March 12 in Louisville. All gay-haters would be wise to leave Louisville the weekend of March 12, for every single person within 500 miles who loves them a meat dress and some Night Work queens will be in full froth. YES. [Backseat Sandbar]

What? WDRD going dark on September 30? Disney is set to sell the station, along with three others they own. [Various Reports]

Today at 11:00, Greg Fischer will release his “plan” for creating open, honest government. How many ideas will he borrow from Hal Heiner? And when will he offer transparency for what he’s currently involved in? Still waiting. [Press Release]

Todd Lally thinks Iraq attacked the United States on 9/11. [We Get Comments]

What’s with assholes targeting cyclists in the area? Why the extreme bitterness and ignorance? [FOX 41]

The Comfy Cow is taking over Genny’s Diner and the historic home Genny’s owner has tried to demolish for years. Really excited that we don’t have strippers to look forward to on Frankfort Avenue. [Broken Sidewalk]

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  1. I think the major catalysts for that section of Frankfort Avenue are the businesses that have been there a long time and continue expanding and investing. Like The Grape Leaf and Caffe Classico.

    But it will be a WELCOME development. Super-welcome.

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