We Often Get Terrific, Racist Comments

Like this one:

JFK // Sep 2, 2010 at 1:49 pm

Barack Obama IS half white. You do know that, right? Can’t you fools find something more important to bicker about than semantics? How about the fact that Obama is about to turn us into a socialist society, and hand us over to the Chinese and muslims?

Half-breed muslin tryina make us all socialists so he can give us to the commies and the muslins!

8 thoughts on “We Often Get Terrific, Racist Comments

  1. In almost any aspect, this fool is straight crazy.

    On another, break down this comment more intellectually than whomever posted it could:
    1. I wouldn’t mind being a bit more socialist if its done correctly and more tending towards the anarcho-socialist realm. Maybe we could reinvent this archaic concept called community!
    2. Slowly and slowly, by turning over more of our debt to China and by perpetuating these expensive wars – we are somewhat giving our country to the Chinese. (as did Bush2, Clinton, Bush1, etc..) Plus, the Chinese are heavily investing in renewable energy; they’ll be ahead of us soon.
    3. Also somewhat, we are being handed over to the Muslims; not really Muslims, more like leaders of countries with a high Muslim density in that our consumption of oil in funding those dictators. Or buying solar panels from China, wind from Germany, and insurance from Americans. yuck.

    JFK is obviously a product of fair&balanced fear mongering. Nevertheless, our country should be critical of our direction. But slightly less racist and… well stupid.

    thanks for the post.
    By the way Jake, any thoughts on my recent POV:

  2. The United States has nearly always been a socialist country, in part.

    Public schools, Sherman Antitrust Act, Social Security, etc.

    You see, this is why passing U.S. history and Civics courses should be an absolute requirement.

  3. Not to defend JFK and Tyler, but your condescending accusation that he’s uneducated is somewhat ironic given your use of the Sherman Act to note that the US is a socialistic country in part.

    The Sherman Act isn’t socialist, rather it promotes capitalisic opportunity by preventing the development of monopolist entities or cartels restricting free competition and fixing prices. The US has never been a Laissez-faire capitalistic economy because of that potential.

    A truly socialist economy actually replaces the capitalistic monopoly or cartel, which we have vilified, with central government control. Instead of Vanderbilt or Carnegie dictating supply and costs, the central government would be doing the same thing.

    Anyone who promotes purely Laissez-faire capitalism is naive, but those who feel that promoting more socialistic regulations and government control fail to realize that they are encouraging the same centralization of the economy, just under government control instead of private control.

  4. Mark H, nice spin but you’re wrong.

    Socialism is, in essence, putting government’s thumb down on the free market in some way to achieve some kind of perceived positive community result. The Sherman Antitrust Act did just that.

    The idea that capitalism that is restrained by socialistic impulses is still somehow pure capitalism is nonsense. We have a hybrid system. Always have and always will.

  5. I love how if I disagree with anyone, it’s always characterized as spin.

    Socialism is defined as: a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

    As such Steve, the Sherman Antitrust Act could not be socialistic because it does not advocate the public ownership or control of markets, but rather restricts the private control and ownership by a few individual groups.

    Now it may be populist, but it’s not socialist.

  6. “The Fearful Roswell Nation”

    Yes, it is indeed possible (calling all Birthers, many Tea Partyers, etc.) that Muslim aliens smuggled Obama into the U.S. so that Allah in the sky could keep an eye on us.

  7. Anyone that thinks they are insulting someone by calling them a socialist is an idiot. Social Security, public education, and the military are all programs and institutions that American society has decided to socialize. This is not a black and white issue like most things in life. There is a continuim of belief in the role of government in the economy and to some degree virtually all Americans are socialists.

  8. If Obama actually were a socialist, liberals like me would be far happier with him than we are, I’m just saying.

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