7 thoughts on “Waiting For Superman – Gonna See It? Read it?

  1. Don’t think I’m going to see this one. With 3 kids in JCPS, just the preview is going to give me nightmares.

    Between this and the test results that came out yesterday, we certainly need a different discussion that what is going on now, but getting true buy-in from those who matter (i.e. JCPS & the school board) looks to be impossible.


  2. The education system is broken because of disengaged parents, not because of bad teachers, especially in Kentucky. Sure, there’s some bad teachers and the union’s a joke but a large majority of teachers are trying their damnedest and getting little but grief from parents who don’t do their part. School can’t raise your kid! Kentucky’s kids are going to be left even further behind by the rest of the world if we don’t wake up soon.
    We need massive, statewide change, not trendy little charter projects that improve the lives of a few hundred children at a time.

  3. I am an engaged parent, and I have seen with my own eyes bad teaching, bad administrating, and poorly executed public school procedures and policy. I have seen parents who love their children put entirely too much trust in a school system to teach their children “book learning”. I have seen business and political leaders who could have stepped up to hold our superintendent accountable for results, but haven’t because changing the status quo requires more work than they are willing to put in. Now we find ourselves in a situation where politicians are using this for their own political gain with no real regard for understanding the complexities of the systems that are failing our children while their own children are in expensive private schools. So yes, bestmid, we need massive, statewide change. But I will not allow you or anyone else to oversimplify this by stating that the education system is broken because of disengaged parents.

  4. “News Alert in Metropolis”

    Superman: “What’s causing all the commotion about schools down there, Lois?”

    Lois Lane: “God only knows. Parents blame teachers. The media blame teachers. Politicians blame teachers.”

    Superman: “I’m peering down and see a bigger dilemma: Gutless politicos who don’t want to tackle larger social, economic, and political problems that surround education. They are seemingly intransigent structural issues. Pols like to use school teachers as their scapegoats because political hacks do much of nothing to solve those larger problems. Afraid of being called ‘socialists.’ But I call them gutless wonders.”

  5. Here are the problems I see:

    1) A school board that seems to think the reason people want “choice” is something besides the hope of not getting stuck in a lousy school.

    2) A population that long ago abandoned the idea of JCPS being any better. As a business owner, tax payer, and/or parent, you SHOULD be concerned, even if you’re not sending your kids to JCPS.

    3) An administratively top heavy system that is probably purposely complex to ensure that hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on staff.

    4) A disconnected superintendent who defines poor leadership by deflecting any and all blame thrown his way.

    5) A district more concerned about bringing in more money than actually doing something with it.

    6) A district devoted more to diversity than to education. Diversity is admirable, but do we really need thousands of man hours and transportation dollars spent on trying to figure out who goes where instead of what will actually happen once they get there.

    7) A system too focused on options and not focused on the core. EVERY school should have a commitment to the core subjects. The career focused schools are nice, but I think the reality is that very few students know as a teenager what they want to be when they grow up, and those that do are better served getting an excellent set of fundamentals under their belt.

    8) A broken state system that gives the school boards too little control and the administration too much.

    9) A higher concentration of poor and broken families and greater need to provide services specially to them.

    10) A school board that seems too quick to praise people making six figure salaries for “hard work” without realizing they make those salaries because much is expected of them. (The transportation failures in the beginning of the year represented the best efforts of over a million in salaries).

    and finally

    10) Parents who just don’t care. Count the heads at each JCPS meeting and compare that to the number of parents it serves.

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