9 thoughts on “Todd Lally’s Defending The Mega Rich Again

  1. “Nobody ever believes we can actually bring cost down”
    That is not how it was spun during the debate on the bill.

  2. People will love its cuteness for sure, but it actually hurts Lally, as he has hardly done anything to establish his credentials for this run. He’ll just look like a superficial attack dog.

  3. Wow!!! All Lally had to do was show actual video of Yarmuth. For a candidate who is not being taken as a serious candidate (at least by this site), Lally has put together some top notch ads. Very damning indeed for Yarmuth and will sure get discussion going in the larger media outlets. At least Yarmuth didn’t say “read my lips” when he said he has no idea how taxpayers will pay for Obama Care.

    Yarmuth is still running commercials that are 4 years old. But not to worry, the LEO just named him the top celebrity in Louisville. I guess Steve Kragthorpe was unavailable.

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