Those Folks Should Be Tossed Out A Moving Car

More than 100 were arrested in Washington, D.C. on Monday as they demanded an end to mountaintop removal. [KFTC]

Yesterday Hal Heiner received the endorsement of Louisville Corrections FOP Lodge 77. President Tony Harris said, “Hal Heiner is the one candidate we trust to provide a fresh start for Metro government, and the only candidate with the experience and ability to lead from day one. For those reasons and many more we are proud to lend our support to his campaign.” [Press Release]

Jacksonville, IL is trying to go down the Judy Green baggy pants road. Because we all know that’ll solve this country’s problems. [WHAS11]

The NuLu Festival is this Saturday. You ready? [NuLu Fest]

Anyone remember the Tyler Hotel on Jefferson Street? Here’s a trip down memory lane and a video of its demolition. [Broken Sidewalk]

Something tells me Louisville won’t be number 21 on the list of most bike-friendly cities in the country for very long. Not with some nutbag driving around trying to kill everybody on a bike. [MotorCrave]

Tea & Crackers: The Rascal and Rand Paul Story. You’ve gotta read the hilarity and embarrassment. [Page One]

Some people went completely insane yesterday at a coal waste hearing downtown. Because we all know that’ll solve all of our problems and make the general, uneducated (on the issue) public take the environmental crowd more seriously. [WAVE3]

How many of you want to torture the people responsible for throwing this dog from a moving vehicle on 65 near Crittenden? [FOX41]

Diane Sawyer came to town last week and her segment aired last night. Check the video out. Warning: It automatically starts playing once you click the link. [ABC News]

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  1. Very good story by Diane. Was not aware that the Brown Hotel made a commitment to the employees not to lay off anyone. I don’t have any reason to spend the night there. But I will be enjoying one of their Hot Browns in the near future.

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