The JCTA Endorsed Greg Fischer Today

And here’s the Fischer camp’s press release all about it:

Louisville (September 29, 2010) – Louisville’s teachers today endorsed Greg Fischer for Mayor, saying he has the vision, insight and experience to lead the city and help improve education.

“Teachers touch all our lives and are the foundation on which we build our community,” Fischer said. “I am honored that the teachers believe in me and my campaign.”

The Jefferson County Teachers Association represents 6,000 teachers, librarians, speech clinicians, physical therapists and occupational therapists.

Fischer has been discussing ways to improve education since his campaign began more than a year ago.

His plan includes:

  • developing vibrant after-school programs so children learn beyond the school day;
  • putting a nurse in every school “because a healthy child is a successful child,” Fischer said;
  • and creating a program called Every 1 Knows that works with parents, in their workplaces and at their houses of worship, to get them the information about raising their children and to help plan for higher education.

I’ll let you folks do what you do best: complain in the comments and via email.

8 thoughts on “The JCTA Endorsed Greg Fischer Today

  1. I guess the teachers are all into shipping kids halfway around the coutry for a couple of hours before school starts every day. Maybe that makes them more tired and thus more manageable?

  2. I am not quite sure on what basis the JCTA makes its endorsements, other than the whims of the power brokers in the group. This is definitely a no-brainer and should cause no surprise.

  3. Who really cares? What does the mayor have to do with education? So tired of folks running for office. I support Heiner but his latest Education ad is scare only and playing to the popular vote right now. If you don’t understand what you are in charge of do you really need to be in charge? This is only a rubber stamp for Fischer. JCTA goes along party lines and the party line for education has almost always been Demo. I know one teacher and family that won’t be voting party lines and I think many more will also follow.

  4. This is, yet, further proof that George’s son represents nothing new, no new approaches and the stale non-thinking past — while the entire nation DURING EDUCATION WEEK is discussing improving education and test results and charter schools and vouchers. NOT A SINGLE TIME in that national discussion over television this week has the word DIVERSITY or BUSING been mentioned. No, they don’t bus kids OUT OF HARLEM into Westchester County, THEY SIMPLY PUT THEM IN CHARTER SCHOOLS, gain the parents’ immediate interest, and graduate 100 % of them into colleges. Listen to the national TV. Louisville’s discussion is out of line, out of order and not even relevant in the national setting.
    That’s what George’s son has endorsed. DON’T THINK OR PROPOSE NEW EDUCATION IDEAS, just keep on doin’ what we’ve been doin’ — which is a TOTAL and COMPLETE failure.
    If this is a world class city, I’m an Italian War Hero.

  5. blowin is right, no big deal. I’m sure there are even a few real estate developers voting for Fischer just as there are JCTA members voting for Heiner.

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