7 thoughts on “The Board of Education Acted Unanimously

  1. As someone who was there, the discomfort on Shelly’s face was clear, and he seemed to want to make sure that it was a party that supported his point of view.

    Consultants usually go a few ways.

    1) You pay them money to tell you things you already knew or you could have gotten from your staff for free. Money wasted.

    2) You pay them to tell you what you want them to tell you so that you can continue as you want. Money wasted.

    3) You pay them to tell you things that you don’t want to hear, which you promptly bury in a nicely cherrypicked PowerPoint. Money wasted.

    The meeting last night was amusing. An hour and a half of six figure salaries telling the board how great the student assignment plan was, several in the board saying, “look, these numbers show the people love us”, and one board member even commenting about how long bus rides acted as a sort of free day care for parents.

    The fact is that these schools will NOT change until the people of Louisville force the change. Dr. Berman is looking out for one thing… Dr. Berman. We need a homegrown advocate for EDUCATION in Jefferson County. And we need to stop running a school system that’s excellent at processing school applications, selecting where kids will go and busing them all over town to get there, but underperforming once they get there.

  2. Splendid comment, Rob. With a district the size of Jefferson County, potential leadership should be grown from within–if the Wallace grant had been used effectively several future superintendents would be emerging in the principal leadership. They are not. And the district lost the best leaders, first in Daeschner’s time and now in Berman’s.

  3. The unanimous part is most interesting since there were two distinct factions prior to this vote. Has Heiner’s pledge as mayor to turn the ship upside down scared everyone into working together to quiet the waters with this bogus consultant idea?

  4. Rob- you got it. I can’t understand why we can’t have someone from Louisville or Kentucky lead our school district. We need someone who knows the lay of the land and can relate to folks and not someone who is WAY out of touch with Louisville and education. Dr. Berman is in over his head and the time is now to make a change. Honesty is a big part of leadership and the leaders in JCPS are very suspect in this area and the Board is following closely behind. Sometimes people just aren’t the right folks for the job and there is nothing wrong with this. It doesn’t make them the devil or evil just wrong for the job.

  5. Good point, Jake Supporter. It would be best for all–and most of all the kinds–if this could be a win-win situation with Berman agreeing to go quietly and with help to find him a position more suited to his strengths. Before the holidays.

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