4 thoughts on “The BBC At The Green Building

  1. I was on today’s episode and just want to say it was one of the funnest things I’ve ever been involved in. This show, WHYS, is inclusively engaging the world. So very awesome.

  2. I listened to all 3 days of the show and was unimpressed. It seemed to jump from topic to topic without spending enough time to really examine any of the subjects. On many subjects there wasn’t an effort to get both sides of the argument. For instance when the role of governments in the economy was discussed there was no expert who made the argument about what the potential negative consequences would have been had there been no bail out of the financial system. I was also hoping for a little bit of connection to local issues so having a studio audience would make more sense. I’m thinking the use of coal as a power source would have been a topic with local connections and international interest.

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