SUSA: Fischer Leads Heiner, Gains Momentum

The last SurveyUSA poll had Greg Fischer at 47% and Hal Heiner at 45%.

But here are today’s numbers:

  • Greg Fischer: 48%
  • Hal Heiner: 42%
  • Jackie Green: 3%

The MOE is 4 points. But Fischer’s definitely seeing movement.

Maybe Hal Heiner’s campaign folks will finally start realizing he needs stronger support from women? And maybe a presence that isn’t completely weak?

I’ll link to crosstabs once they’re released.

UPDATE: Click here for more information from Joe Arnold.

23 thoughts on “SUSA: Fischer Leads Heiner, Gains Momentum

  1. I agree that Heiner needs stronger support from women — but there is something about him that I can’t trust. I can’t put my finger on it — but women are sensing that. I know I do.

  2. Or we could all just decide that both Heiner and Fischer suck and vote Green…there’s my little fantasy for the day.

  3. Perhaps the “neighborhood schools” talk set Heiner back? I know it threw me for a loop, and I was heading in his direction.

    I would advise Heiner to go back to his core messages, while stressing the experience he has to lead on Day One and hitting Fischer on his lack of flexibility on the bridges matter.

    Also, it wouldn’t hurt to do some kind of mea culpa on the Fairness issue.

  4. As Phillip Bailey has pointed out to you 800 times, Hal Heiner has not advocated FOR neighborhood schools.

    But he has sucked hard at explaining what he does support – and we’re all left out in the dark wondering on that one.

    His campaign is afraid to do the right thing. So he’ll never pony on up on curbing the opinion that he’s anti-gay.

  5. Well, the point is that he has appeared to come out for neighborhood schools, and perception is reality. I know he has nuanced it, but the message still is a hint toward such an idea.

  6. Heiner needs to stay away from using the wording “neighborhood schools” and emphasis his desire to push for stronger magnet schools. Schools like Central and JTown are magnet in name only. These two schools would have been shut down in most states.

    If you are going to be a magnet school, attract the best teachers, offer a more advance curriculum geared toward college level work, and improve the general infrastructure and atmosphere at the school.

    I may be mistaken, but when Heiner say’s “neighborhood schools”, to me he means schools with community involvement and community support.

  7. Agree Jake ! As Mayor he would have not a lot of input on School administration anyway, that was Grandstanding and people are starting to figure that out. I don’t care what kind of Peanut Butter he eats or his opinion on a thousand other topics, it’s immaterial to being mayor of Louisville which is what he needs to be focused on.

  8. We have too much transportation and not enough education.

    I am a very strong civil rights advocate but busing has not solved the problem. We need smaller schools, smaller classes, more elementary schools and better teachers.

    K thru 5 should not be bussed. The children are much too young for that. I walked to school for 8 years and then took the Louisville Transit System to high school. I works.

    However for it to work now we need a reliable public transit system.

  9. So much for the mea culpa on Fairness, Steve. Tonight he’s against domestic partner benefits. Wouldn’t even say he wouldn’t veto that if passed by the Metro Council. One backward position after another.

  10. We need parents who are involved with the schools, not have 20 percent of the parents go talk with the teachers at PTA time.
    Parents are responsible for their kids.

  11. Yup, so we need string neighborhood schools. That means families living close to their school. If you want diversity in the school, concentrate on diversifying the neighborhood.

    Jackie Green is the only candidate who has pushed for a true concentration on existing neighborhoods, as opposed to more developments (jobs at “any cost”). We have to start looking down the road.

    From a big-picture, visionary standpoint, there is absolutely no difference between Hal and Greg, IMHO. We will continue to follow, and follow far behind.

  12. Will everyone agree that the school system in Jefferson County doesn’t work? I believe that Hal Heiner wants there to be schools in all areas of the county that parents would have a great selection to choose from. Right now, the only two schools in JCPS high school level worth going to is Male and Manuel. Orginally both in the “city of Louisville” parents are fighting to get their children into these schools..Wouldn’t be nice if there were more schools in all areas of the county worth fighting for to get your children into? I believe Hal Heiner is the best man for the Job not only because of his experience in gov’t but because he is willing to try new things together with the people of Louisville. He has my vote

  13. I’ve listened to all the TV shows over the past several days about education in America. The Tom Brokaw show, etc., etc. Probably 10 hours of TV shows with multiple guests of esteem (including Colin Powell, the President, Arne Duncan). NOT ONCE have I heard the word DIVERSITY mentioned. I repeat, NOT ONCE. What is mentioned is IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF MATH, READING, READING COMPREHENSION, SCIENCE, ETC. The old “readin’ writin’ and rithmetic'” To the contrary ALL THAT’S EVER HEARD AROUND HERE FROM THE CJ AND BERMAN IS “DIVERSITY.” I know of no employer who will hire a person who has a high school diploma from a person who couldn’t get into college, BUT WHO SAT ON A BUS NEXT TO AN AFRICAN AMERICAN AND IN A SCHOOL NEXT TO ONE. It means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This is the most ridiculous position that could be offered by Berman. He has lost his mind (assuming he had one in the first place).

  14. So he voted against the Fairness Ordinance, is against giving equal benefits to city employees, and now he would make decisions on education that would take us back to segregated schools. What was all that again about liberals flocking to Heiner because they don’t like Fischer?

  15. What was that about Heiner being so close in the polls that Fischer campaign staffers spend 24/7 wetting themselves until a few days ago?

    Or Tyler Allen endorsing him?


  16. Tyler Allen endorsing him proves what I thought about him all along: he was a one issue candidate rather than a real progressive.

  17. So now it’s back to trying to complain about Hal Heiner being further ahead than any Fischerbot wants him to be.

    Tyler made it clear during his endorsement that he’s not a single-issue candidate. Despite sucking hard at changing that perception.

  18. I’m not complaining about that…frankly, up until now Heiner has run a better campaign than Fischer and deserved to be up in the polls. But someone who calls himself a progressive while endorsing someone who would take us back to segregated schools and who doesn’t think a whole segment of the population deserves to be treated equally is not actually progressive. I value people over a fucking bridge. I hear Allen is a good guy, but his endorsements would suggest otherwise.

    And on another note, Jake, you get a lot of shit from Democrats when you call Democratic candidates out for their fuckery, and I don’t think you deserve it. Bad campaigns are bad campaigns regardless of who is running them. I think you should think about the criticism you get for calling out Democratic fuckery before you call someone who has done little more than put a sign in his yard and say he won’t vote for an anti-Fairness candidate a Fischerbot. Just like you can criticize various and sundry Democrats, someone can point out that liberals aren’t flocking to Heiner as previously suggested without being a Fischerbot.

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