Spotted At The Bridges Debacle Meeting

Oh, what’s that? Ed Glasscock going up to Hal Heiner’s campaign manager, Joe Burgan, telling him that Heiner shouldn’t support a proposed anti-tolling ordinance in Metro Councilland. That’s what.

I hear, according to witnesses, that Burgan explained Heiner was on record being in support of the proposed ordinance and had asked his caucus to follow suit. Glasscock responded with, (paraphrasing) “Bullshit – that’s bullshit. Tell him he’s lost any support he had in the business community. No – I’ll tell him. Bullshit.”

Glasscock then cornered Kay Stewart of TARC, formerly of River Fields, and went off on her.

I’m sure I’ll now receive threats and people within the power structure of Louisville will lose their cool with me because of this post.

But when does the bullying stop? Pushing the wants of a few ahead of the needs of millions just isn’t going to fly any longer.

16 thoughts on “Spotted At The Bridges Debacle Meeting

  1. I wonder if Glasscock has ever heard of the term ‘divestiture’. Don’t make us go there, Ed. You and all the other crazies supporting this ridiculous boondoggle (tolls and downtown ORBP) have far more to lose than those of us opposing it.

  2. Today’s meeting consisted of Joe Reagen telling everyone that 2 bridges 1 project is a done deal regardless of public opinion. Steve Schultz assured us he has studied the Mississippi River split project example and it does not apply to Louisville because our bridges are not paralel to one another. Sandra Frazier assured us that the alternatives will be discussed at the next meeting despite the fact that the bi-state bridges Authority has already eliminated them as a possibility. Another member told us that future meetings will not have a public comment period so that the Authority can get more business done. Apparently it does not matter that the federal record of decision did not include anything about tolls. Democracy at work.

  3. The Wilbur Smith tolling study representative addressed the collection problems with all electronic tolling by citing international collection statistics. Other countries do not have problems collecting from other states/provinces because of their strong federal government structures. Again, the only all electronic tolling cities in this country are Dallas and Denver and they have a 30% and 60% collection rate respectively. Over half of the trips across the Ohio River are non-local (IN and KY) and these freeloaders will pay about half the time. This flaw defeats the whole purpose of a toll road, to make all users pay for its constuction and maintenance.

  4. “Glasscock responded with, (paraphrasing) `Bullshit – that’s bullshit. Tell him he’s lost any support he had in the business community. No – I’ll tell him. Bullshit.’”

    Uhm, if the “Bullshits” were inserted by the paraphraser, they change the whole attitude of that interaction. What’s up with that?

  5. “Bullshit” wasn’t inserted by me or the witnesses.

    The ‘Tell him he’s lost any support he had in the business community. No – I’ll tell him.’ bit was just shortened.

  6. I find this event to be quite disturbing. Who designated Mr. Glasscock to be speaking for the ‘business community?’ My knowledge of that community tells me that a substantial number o f them are very concerned as to the economic damage that tolls on all the bridges will bring to the local economy.

  7. I was seated a short distance away from Glasscock, and the specifics of his finger-wagging at Burgan were just out of reach of my ears.

    However, I did have the pleasure of hearing him comment to a suit seated nearer to me. Nice thoughts about Tina Ward Pugh.

    I didn’t know who Glasscock was before today, but boy — what a turd.

  8. Funniest union line at authority meeting: “If I’m going to vote for a Republican, I at least expect him to have the guts to admit he’s a Republican.”

  9. Maybe it’s time to have a visual line-up of “arrest mugshots”, featuring the villains behind this increasingly outrageous boondoggle, along with their backgrounds and how they will benefit from this b.s. going through. Glasscock will obviously be featured in this.

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