Sometimes We Get Awesome Emails, Too

It’s not just awesome comments.

We also get awesome emails. Like this one from brave patriot muslin brown people fighter Marilyn Parker:

Name: marilyn parker
Email: redamericatalk@REDACTED
Subject: my postings

Message: Jake thanks for printing my postings. Keep up the good work. I know you are afraid of time tested conservative values but don’t be. You are young naive and uninformed in regards to the issues that face our nation. Conservative principles may save your pocket book and your job. When you grow up you will think differently.

Seems Marilyn thinks “time tested conservative values” involve homophobia, complete ignorance re: science, conspiracy theories about the New World Order and ignoring a majority of the population.

Naive and uninformed? Haha, what was that, again, Parker, about Barack Obama being Muslim? What was that about Marxism? Evolution? Todd Lally? What was that, again, about Russia and the scary Arabs running Obama’s show?

I’m telling you. Political. Genius.

Someone should ask her about her “gift” of public speaking/reading off a piece of paper.

14 thoughts on “Sometimes We Get Awesome Emails, Too

  1. Yeah, those conservatives incorrectly believe that the founding fathers were actually against the heavy hand of the British government, when in actuality they really wanted the existing federal government to run everything. And the earlier settlers actually wanted to be taxed on tea and other items. Those people in Boston who dressed up like Indians actually were in favor of the government being in charge of a major portion of the economy (the distribution of tea) and were really liberals, even though they did accidently pollute Boston Harbor.

    And the Declaration of Independence, which mostly rails against big government and includes reference to someone called a “Creator” that endows us among other things “the right to life,” is just a figment of someone’s imagination, since everyone who is not ignorant knows a “creator” doesn’t exist – it all happened by chance, and all those alleged signers (the founding fathers) were smart people.

    How stupid of those conservatives to believe otherwise.

  2. Are you fucking retarded, Larry? I mean it. Is there some ailment you have? What gives?

    Every comment you leave is non-sensical mouth breathing. Jeeeeeeesus.

    Click the link. Look at the shit she said.


  3. Larry, as small reminder the ‘Creator” you refer to is also known by the following names, Allah, Yahweh, El Shaddai, Elohim and simply as El. And with the exception of the quran, these names are all in the OLD TESTAMENT.

    That being said, the islamophobics out there, have it wrong. The religion itself is harmless. Just like ALL religions it is the moron who misuses the religion that perverts it teachings.

    Just some thoughts for you on a lovely friday evening.

    This all being said, I am what can be defined as a moderate conservative. But anymore that means I must be a crazy leftist in the eyes of many of the self proclaimed teaparty faithful.

  4. Chill out. I was just answering Steve’s false allegation that the founding fathers were liberal.

    Of course, it all depends on what you define as a “liberal” and a “conservative.” If you define “conservative” as someone who wants to keep the current status quo, then then the founding fathers were not conservative — but then, neither are the tea party people.
    Both the founding fathers and the tea party people view the ruling government as too large and too much in control of things. Both groups were opposed to taxation without representation — in our case it being the taxes that our grandchildren will have to pay in order to pay Obama’s debt.

    I don’t believe everything Marilyn Parker says — for example, I don’t believe that Obama is a Muslim (and although I believe he was born in Hawaii, I also believe that he purposely is not releasing his Occidental transcripts for some reason that would put him in a lesser light, or else he would’ve allowed it) – but I’m not going to treat her (or anyone) badly and call her names just because we disagree on some issues.

    Given that the founding fathers HATED large government, I’d like to know why one would even remotely consider the idea that they are like the modern day liberals. If not knowing why makes me a retard, then your definition of the term and mine are vastly different. Educate me.

  5. Chill out? You’re forgetting that you don’t… own this site, maybe?

    That said – every five seconds you leave some inane comment that is 100% literal – often in response to something you don’t comprehend. It leads me to believe there’s an intellectual issue. And it makes readers want to pound their own heads into their desks.

  6. And the founding fathers would probably choke on the idea that the fundamentalist God was the only one and science should be kicked to the curb if it doesn’t match a literal interpretation of the Bible.

  7. I’m amazed at how some people are all up in arms about “Obama’s debt”, since apparently most of this debt was fine, dandy, and of no import, when it was “Bush’s off-the-books war debt”.

  8. My concern about the debt doesn’t lie with us, as much as the people who now own it. That concern is growing not because Pelosi and Obama are running it up (Bush & Co. ran it up as well), but we are placing ourselves in a vary precarious position if those like the Chinese call their debt or use it as leverage against us.

    I find it ironic that many of the same people you justify our massive sale of Treasuries for the purpose of supporting entitlement programs, are many of the same people who call for the implementation of protectionist tariffs and other measures to reduce outsourcing of manufacturing overseas.

    The reality is that the Chinese government alone, now owns so much of our debt (sold to them by both parties in an attempt to buy off and placate voters), that we have given up any ability to impose those kinds of market policies.

    If we threatened to impose protectionist measures to increase costs of Chinese goods, they could sell their treasuries and force US government to print money to pay them off. This would cause massive devaluation of the currency. This is why Hillary Clinton hasn’t been able to say a peep about human rights abuses since they slapped her down when she said something in the beginning of her term.

    Much of the war debt in WWII was held by Americans who bought war bonds, so the comparison to the debt today, isn’t really apples to apples. For those who want to impose protectionist trade policies, they better also promote measures to reduce our dependency on foreign debtors.

  9. I’m replying late here, but it is an ongoing frustration here about ongoing commentary during the political season about “Obama’s debt”, the “Democrat’s deficit” etc. The trillion dollar deficit is the handy work of the last 9 years people, not the last single year. What frustrates me more than the LIARS? The Dems that won’t speak up and call them out! P$$ie$!!

    America may have a short attention span and memory, but I don’t (and neither does Roger)! Where were you “conservatives” when the deficit was setting us up for all this? ” Bush ran it up as well.” Like it’s a foot note. Shut the FCK up!!

  10. If you noticed, I said that Bush ran it up as well. Medicare Part D was a Republican effort to purchase elderly votes by taking on debt that couldn’t be paid back.

    I have never said the Obama is entirely responsible for the deficit spending. Nowhere in my post did I lay the blame on Obama, rather I was pointing out (without the classy expletives) that the massive and growing deficit takes away from our sovereignty as a country, and places us in a very precarious position if those notes are called or foreign countries stop buying our treasuries.

  11. Not Hebert, Only a small part of my post was directed at your comment, I was posting to the universe, to all “conservatives” and to the Democrats who won’t call out all the politicians that continuously point all the blame about the deficit and economy to the current administration.

    Classy I ain’t. Deal with it.

  12. What is even more troublesome is that the so called conservative party ran up the debt first from 1981 to 1992 by a sum of 3.3 trillion. Then from 2001 to 2008 by a sum of 5 trillion.Meanwhile Bill Clintons administration increased the debt by 1.4 trillion after that 1981 to 1992 period. Obama is having to clean up the mess than the Bush administration left. Maybe if the so called fiscal conservatives would really stand up then the truth could be told. But the Republicans and their types aren’t as fiscally conservative as they say and nor was Ronald Reagan. After all, the President is ultimately responsible for vetoing any bill that crosses his desk. So where was Georgie Bush and Ronnie Reagan or even Daddy Bush. That’s partially why our budget problems are so severe.

    That and corporatists decided to leave the country so they could pay their employees a dollar an hour instead of paying the average American worker 10 to 20 dollars an hour. They wanted to scoop up the massive benefits by not paying American wages and benefits and meanwhile mistreating the foreign workers overseas. Heard about the massive amount of suicides committed by those making the Ipods in China. How about the various human rights violations in these sweatshops in Indonesia, China, Vietnam, India and others. Watch the John Pilger documentary The New Rulers of the World on Google Video. Great Video. Anyway, that is my piece.

  13. By the way, why didn’t anyone question the Bush II administration right after 911 when he was exhorting the American population to spend money like there was no tomorrow to prop up the corpse of an economy that was left after all the businesses left the country on cue. Strange that Bush had to cover up the failures of his administration while the American people were left with more debt, job losses, and a chronically weak economy from 2001 to 2008. Just before the final collapse the fall of 2008 which led us to where we are today and no president could have came in and turned it around in 1.5 years. Blame the democrats and liberals all you want but the disasters primarily happened on the Republican watch

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