Greg Fischer’s Got A New Campaign Spot

Greg Fischer, in his latest campaign ad, says Louisville needs open and honest government:

If openness and honesty are key, why won’t Fischer reveal the names of his political advisers? Why won’t he release the names of the people in his various advisory groups? One would think all of Fischer’s supporters – folks tying their reputation to his candidacy – would be able to force that sort of transparency.

It’s easy to say one thing and do another when running for office in this town, I guess.

If JCPS Had $100 Million Dollars Stashed Away

Jack Conway only trails Rand Paul by two points in the latest SurveyUSA poll released late Saturday night. [Page One]

Diane Sawyer came to town on Friday. Louisville will be featured on her Wednesday program. [WHAS11]

We get tons upon tons of terrific concern troll comments. Primarily from Todd Lally and his supporters. Also, did you know? I’m an anonymous commenter, apparently. And an insignificant one at that. [We Get Comments]

Is the Kennedy Bridge structurally deficient? If so, what does that mean? [Broken Sidewalk]

How would Jefferson County Public Schools spend $100 million? Probably on upping executive pay, by giving more money to Sheldon Berman’s various boards and definitely not on improving education. [WAVE3]

An estimated 6,000 people showed up for the Louisville AIDS Walk, raising more than $147,000. [FOX41]

With people like Rand Paul talking about privatization 24/7, will we ever see a time when libraries here are pushed down that path? [NY Times]

What? Criminals and gun traffickers may favor Kentucky? You don’t say. [HuffPo]

No One In Town Surprised By JCPS Test Scores

Fairdale Bigfoot has penned his final column. He is not as popular as the Pope Lick Goat Monster. [Consuming Louisville]

Here’s the latest from University of Kentucky trustee Joe Peek. UofL still needs someone like him to step up ASAP. [Page One]

A whole bunch of church people are playing politics and complaining about Hal Heiner’s latest campaign ad. [WFPL]

While Dan Fendley was still alive, he confirmed to me (despite what Springston will say) that he and his son were involved in working against Katie King in 2008, serving as Ed Springston’s ghost attorney(s). Jack Conway’s brother, Matt, was also involved. And that’s made Jack really nervous. (And if the Fendleys weren’t involved?  Springston would have already identified his ghost attorney.) [Sometimes I Leave Comments]

Ryan Alessi’s latest poll says Greg Fischer leads Hal Heiner 43.5% to 36.5%. Just like with the Yarmuth-Lally poll, no one buys it. Fischer’s ahead, but not by that much. And this poll proves Hal Heiner and his folks need to quit with the stupid behavior of: running from the gays, refusing to talk about issues they’re afraid of and playing it safe. [CN|2]

Isn’t it funny that Rand Paul was so afraid of organized labor that he stayed in Louisville less than 30 minutes? [Valley Report]

This will be a bit of a change on Baxter Avenue, right? Maybe even a welcome one. [Broken Sidewalk]

Jefferson County Public Schools officials say some of the latest test scores are disturbing. What will change and improve? Nothing! It’s JCPS. Come on. The superintendent gets to have an affair with a UofL staffer tightly involved with Robert Felner and no one bats an eyelash. The board breaks the law regarding open meetings and no one bats an eyelash. The guy admits to serving on a board of directors solely for the purpose of making the company money off the back of JCPS and no one bats an eyelash. What do you expect? Really, come on. [FOX41]

But what do your mayoral candidates think about the abysmal test scores? [WAVE3]

The 911 call from a man who found his parents dead in E-town? Depressingly sad. Don’t listen to it. [WHAS11]

League of Women Voters Host Council Forums

Today the League of Women Voters, along with Center for Neighborhoods, announced a slew of forums to be held in all of the contested Metro Council Districts.

Here are the specifics:

Monday, September 27 — Summit Heights United Methodist Church

  • 6:30 — 23rd District — Republican Jim Peden & Democrat John Sommers

Monday, October 4 — East Louisville Government Center

  • 6:30 — 17th District — Republican Glen Stuckel & Democrat William Cohen
  • 7:15 — 19th District — Republican Jerry Miller & Democrat Justin Chelf

Tuesday, October 5 — League of Women Voters Building

  • 6:30 — 9th District — Republican Patrick Duerr & Democrat Tina Ward-Pugh

Monday, October 11 — Iroquois High School

  • 6:30 — 13th District — Republican Renay Davis & Democrat Vicki Aubrey Welch
  • 7:15 — 15th District — Republican Jody Harral & Democrat Marianne Butler
  • 8:00 — 25th District — Republican Dougie Sombrero Protectin Our White Women Hawkins & Democrat David Yates

Monday, October 18 — Louisville Urban League

  • 6:30 — 5th District — Independent Donnie Morris & Democrat Cheri Bryant Hamilton
  • 7:15 — 6th District — Independent Deonte Hollowell, Republican Candace Jaworski & Democrat David James

All forums will last 30 minutes and will be moderated by a League member. They’re free and open to the public.

League President Beverly Moore said, “The League has been providing this important voter education service for 90 years. Partnering with the Center for Neighborhoods reinforces our mutual goals of active citizen participation in government at all levels.”

Highlights From Today’s CFMA Forum

What? There’s another mayoral forum to talk about?

At today’s CFMA mayoral forum Greg Fischer said two interesting things:

  • He supports Jerry Abramson’s veto of the arena Project Labor Agreement
  • When asked why he was a Democrat, he said he’s a fiscal conservative and could be considered a Republican in many states

Yup. That’s who all of you support. That guy.