Social Justice Is Important & Most Know That

This Sunday, several social justice groups will host an event to connect voters with the democratic process and their candidates. Those involved: Kentucky Jobs with Justice, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky, Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, the Fairness Campaign, the Anne Braden Institute For Social Justice Research of University of Louisville, the Hispanic Latino Coalition, Louisville ReEntry Task Force, NAACP, et al.

‘Power To The People Jazz & Spoken Word Fest For Voter Madness’ will be held from 12:00 Noon to 7:00 P.M. at Baxter Square Park, 12th & Jefferson Streets. It’s free, open to the public and refreshments will be provided. So you should go.

But before you do, take a look at this list of scheduled speakers:

  • Greg Fischer
  • Jackie Green
  • Darryl Owens
  • Reggie Meeks
  • Tom Riner
  • Erica Lee Williams
  • Sheila Collins
  • Steve Imhoff
  • Diane Porter
  • Attica Scott
  • Daniel Smithson

Notice the glaring absence of Hal Heiner? Apparently he doesn’t take social justice seriously.

So let’s start the clock on watching Hal lose to one of the worst candidates the Democratic Party has put forth in decades.

I emailed the Heiner campaign requesting comment, but have received no response.

Those Folks Should Be Tossed Out A Moving Car

More than 100 were arrested in Washington, D.C. on Monday as they demanded an end to mountaintop removal. [KFTC]

Yesterday Hal Heiner received the endorsement of Louisville Corrections FOP Lodge 77. President Tony Harris said, “Hal Heiner is the one candidate we trust to provide a fresh start for Metro government, and the only candidate with the experience and ability to lead from day one. For those reasons and many more we are proud to lend our support to his campaign.” [Press Release]

Jacksonville, IL is trying to go down the Judy Green baggy pants road. Because we all know that’ll solve this country’s problems. [WHAS11]

The NuLu Festival is this Saturday. You ready? [NuLu Fest]

Anyone remember the Tyler Hotel on Jefferson Street? Here’s a trip down memory lane and a video of its demolition. [Broken Sidewalk]

Something tells me Louisville won’t be number 21 on the list of most bike-friendly cities in the country for very long. Not with some nutbag driving around trying to kill everybody on a bike. [MotorCrave]

Tea & Crackers: The Rascal and Rand Paul Story. You’ve gotta read the hilarity and embarrassment. [Page One]

Some people went completely insane yesterday at a coal waste hearing downtown. Because we all know that’ll solve all of our problems and make the general, uneducated (on the issue) public take the environmental crowd more seriously. [WAVE3]

How many of you want to torture the people responsible for throwing this dog from a moving vehicle on 65 near Crittenden? [FOX41]

Diane Sawyer came to town last week and her segment aired last night. Check the video out. Warning: It automatically starts playing once you click the link. [ABC News]

The Board of Education Acted Unanimously

Can you believe? After months upon months of infighting and public bickering, the Board of Education decided unanimously to hire an outside consultant.

For what, you may be wondering?

To review the Jefferson County Public Schools assignment plan.

Folks in Sheldon Berman’s office tell me he’s furious.

Greg Fischer’s Not-New Transparency Plan

Today Greg Fischer announced a four-point plan for transparency:

  1. Create Louisville Statistics, or LouieStat – a program that will publicize statistics online so citizens can see exactly how tax dollars are being spent and when services are coming to their neighborhood. Citizens could log onto LouieStat to know when their street is scheduled for repaving; when the grass will be cut in their neighborhood park; or when sidewalks and street lights will be repaired. They can also access information about response times and spending on a range of city services, including pothole repair, remediation of vacant housing, permitting, and trash collection.
  2. Put more city services online and creating iPhone and smart phone apps so the public can have access to government information, including a feature in which people can snap pictures of neighborhood problems then e-mail them, with geocoding, to the city. A citizen, for example, could snap a picture of a broken sidewalk or a pothole and send that information in for repair. And, on LouieStat, you could track the progress of your request.
  3. Provide flexible hours for city government, including nights and weekends. Citizens should not have to come to City Hall during the day to do most city business.
  4. Hold budget hearing in neighborhoods. Currently, there is little to no citizen input when the mayor builds the budget – that will change as Greg asks citizens for their input on what should be funded. And, once the budget is presented to the Metro Council, Greg will encourage the council to hold hearings in neighborhoods, not just downtown at City Hall, as currently happens.

Here’s a picture of Fischer at the presser:


I’ll let you come up with your own jokes.

Here’s how the Heiner camp responded:

In a familiar trend Greg Fischer has once again co-opted Hal’s policy as his own and expanded government services without any explanation of how he’ll pay for them. For someone who claims to be an inventor Greg has had tremendous difficulty inventing his own policy. Louisville deserves a mayor with ideas and Hal Heiner is the only candidate with those original ideas.

To Hal Heiner’s credit, he’s already released the plans for which Fischer is claiming as his own.

See Points 3, 5 and 8 (Warning: External PDF Link): 3. Post Louisville’s “Legal Books” Online, 5. Post a Debt Calendar and Schedule Online and 8. When’s My Street Getting Paved?

And take a look at page 3, second bullet point (Warning: External PDF Link): Pothole in Your Street? There’s an App for That.

How original.

A Deeper Look At Todd Lally’s Jobs Spot

You know in Todd Lally’s television spot where he blamed John Yarmuth for the closure of the factory he (Lally) allegedly worked in as a kid?

It’s the old Ehrler’s, which sold years before Yarmuth was elected to office.

Here’s a look:

I have no reason to believe Lally didn’t work there, but to blame the closing on Yarmuth?

Haha. Right.

It sold in the late 70s to Flav-O-Rich, according to the Secretary of State’s office, and in the early 90s some of the original owners started doing some ice cream business on a smaller scale.

Dishonesty doesn’t suit Todd Lally very well.

Woah, Frankfort Avenue Is Now Crazy Excited

Do you need a temporary job the last week of October? These guys need a driver for a super-secret project. [Paulick Report]

It’s a shame Hal Heiner wouldn’t answer questions about whether he’d veto domestic partner benefits as mayor. Last night’s “debate” was awful on all fronts and it proved the city has no solid leader for the future. Greg Fischer may be the worst candidate the Democrats have put forth in decades, but at least he has the guts not to run from the gays. Runs from honesty and transparency, true, but not the gays. [Gag]

Go watch this terrific web documentary called Detroit Lives and tell me you don’t feel a whole lot of Louisville in those shots. But in a good way. [Palladium Boots]

Are you gonna Take Back The Night this evening at the University of Louisville? [WFPL]

The gays are just cold going insane over the revelation that the Scissor Sisters will be opening for Lady Gaga on March 12 in Louisville. All gay-haters would be wise to leave Louisville the weekend of March 12, for every single person within 500 miles who loves them a meat dress and some Night Work queens will be in full froth. YES. [Backseat Sandbar]

What? WDRD going dark on September 30? Disney is set to sell the station, along with three others they own. [Various Reports]

Today at 11:00, Greg Fischer will release his “plan” for creating open, honest government. How many ideas will he borrow from Hal Heiner? And when will he offer transparency for what he’s currently involved in? Still waiting. [Press Release]

Todd Lally thinks Iraq attacked the United States on 9/11. [We Get Comments]

What’s with assholes targeting cyclists in the area? Why the extreme bitterness and ignorance? [FOX 41]

The Comfy Cow is taking over Genny’s Diner and the historic home Genny’s owner has tried to demolish for years. Really excited that we don’t have strippers to look forward to on Frankfort Avenue. [Broken Sidewalk]

SUSA: Fischer Leads Heiner, Gains Momentum

The last SurveyUSA poll had Greg Fischer at 47% and Hal Heiner at 45%.

But here are today’s numbers:

  • Greg Fischer: 48%
  • Hal Heiner: 42%
  • Jackie Green: 3%

The MOE is 4 points. But Fischer’s definitely seeing movement.

Maybe Hal Heiner’s campaign folks will finally start realizing he needs stronger support from women? And maybe a presence that isn’t completely weak?

I’ll link to crosstabs once they’re released.

UPDATE: Click here for more information from Joe Arnold.