Newberry Fabricates & Attacks Brown Family

I find it interesting that Lexington failure Jim Newberry would attack the Brown Family of Louisville. Folks responsible for creating hundreds of thousands of jobs – not just in Kentucky – but around the world.

From the Herald-Leader:

Mayor Jim Newberry is a friend of coal. Vice Mayor Jim Gray is “associated” with people who aren’t.

That’s the pitch being used to raise money for Newberry’s re-election campaign against challenger Gray in a fund-raiser hosted by coal executive Joe Craft, oilman Bill Daughtery, coal consultant Bill Bishop and others.

The Newberry campaign declined to back up that claim, however.


Lance Blanford, Newberry’s campaign manager, said the letter refers to members of the Brown family of Louisville, which is connected to Brown-Forman, which produces liquor and wine.

Late Wednesday, Blanford produced a list of list of campaign contributions to Gray from people he identified as Brown family members. The contributions, which date from 2001 to 2009, total more than $17,000.

Blanford said the family is well-known for anti-coal activities. He added that he could produce information to substantiate that claim. After more than an hour, Blanford replied that “the letter speaks for itself.”

See that? Throwing attacks they can’t substantiate. Because they’re not true.

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