Moxley Endorsed Hal Heiner For Mayor

Former Democratic Mayoral Candidate Lisa Moxley, who got fewer votes than the big orange lady, has endorsed Hal Heiner’s candidacy over Greg Fischer.

Moxley made this statement earlier this morning in front of Shawnee High School: “I am supporting Hal Heiner for Mayor because Louisville needs more than a change in personnel in the mayor’s office — we need a change in priorities. Hal has demonstrated courage and real leadership in his willingness to challenge the conventional wisdom on education and invite an honest dialogue with the community about what’s best for our kids now, and for our city moving forward. I believe Hal is prepared to do the hard work of day-to-day governing to help make Louisville more competitive and all our families more prosperous.”

Moxley, while having very little political influence, sends the message that Heiner does, indeed, appeal to progressive voters in Louisville. She’s the former spokeswoman for Barack Obama’s campaign in Kentucky and has roots in Louisville’s West End.

Despite Hal’s ignorance/stupidity on the Fairness front, of course.

UPDATE — Here’s a photo of the presser:

8 thoughts on “Moxley Endorsed Hal Heiner For Mayor

  1. Janie: If you were learning about the primary from TV commercials, as most of the city did, you wouldn’t have known about her. She didn’t do TV, I don’t think. And of course, traditional media chose not to cover the primary. Which is kind of how Democrats got stuck with their nominee to begin with.

  2. How come the writer of many of these articles cares only about the fairness campaign? I really like keeping up with media coverage of the Election through this blog. Its humorous. But it seems to like the end of every article says something about “the fairness campaign”. Its kind of redundant. I think there are MANY big issues that affect every citizen while some only affect particular ones. How come your focus (jake) seems so narrow?

  3. Yeah, because I never criticize Fairness or complain about folks being single-issue voters on the gay front. That’s the ticket.

    I love it when people express feigned outrage about me – gasp – mentioning Fairness in about one one hundredth of the posts here and on Page One.

  4. No i was meaning at the end of all the articles concerning the election. It is mentioned very often in those as if its the only issue that will decide the winner in Nov.

  5. And I’m not outraged against you. I was just pointing out things in a calm tone of discussion. Your blog seems to be known for being conducive for that type of discussion without any subject considered too touchy

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